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Pt Assessment Final

WillWallace Patient Asst 3/08 Final/Diseases

Atelectasis (collapsed alveoli) Hypo-resonance, trachea shifts towards, unilateral chest expansion, increased tactile fremitice, crackles/rales BS on I
Pleural Effusion (fluid in pleural cavity) trachea moves towards, hypo-resonance dull, unilateral chest expansion, decreased tactile fremitus, pleural friction rub on I & E (clicking)
Massive Atelectasis (collapsed lung) trachea moves away, hypo- resonance-flat
Large Pleural Effusion Trachea moves away, Hypo-resonance flat.
Pneumothorax Trachea shifting moves toward, hyper-resonance, unilateral chest expansion, decreased tactile fremitice, diminished bs
tension Pneumothorax trachea shifts away, hyperresonance tympany
spontaneous pneumothorax trachea shifts towards
asthma hyperresonance, rhonchi on E and wheeze on E
Emphysema hyperresonance, decreased tactile fremitus, crackle/rale bs on I, rhonchi on E
Airway constriction strider (barking) on I
COPD Hyperresonance, bilateral chest expansion, decreased tactile fremitice, (end stage = diminished bs)
CHF (congestive heart failure) wheeze on E
Neuromuscular bilateral chest expansion
pulmonary fibrosis crackles/rales bs on I
air fill stomach hyperresonance
consolidation hyporesonance-dullness, unilateral chest expansion, increased tactile fremitus.
pleural thickening hyporesonance-dullness
pneumonia increased tactile fremitice, crackles/rales on I
fluid decreased tactile fremitice
pulmonary edema hyporesonance-dullness, crackles/rales on I
lung mass increased tactile fremitus.
pleurisy pleural friction rub, painful clicking on I & E
Mucus plug rhonchi (rumble on E that clears with cough)
epiglottis strider-barking on I
croup strider barking on I
stenosis rhonchi (rumble on E)
post extubation strider (barking on I)
pneumonectomy hyporesonance-flatness
Created by: annabannana