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Business management chpt9

Human resource management consists of planing, attracting, developing, and retaining an effective workforce.
Two important concepts of HR Human capital(productive potential of employees) Social capital(cooperative actions)
Strategic human resource planning consists of Developing strategies for understanding and predicting employee future needs
The purpose of job analysis is to understand and determine, by observation and analysis, the basic elements of a job.
Job specification describes the minimum qualifications to perform the job
HR inventory List of employees by name, education, training, languages, and other important information
Four areas of HR law Labor relations, compesation and benefits, health and safety, equal opportunity employmement
Collective bargaining Negotiations between management and employees about disputes over overall work benefits
Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 Established minimum living standards and wages for workers engaged in interstate commerce,
Affirmative action focuses on Achieving equality of hiring opportu­nity within an organization.
Sexual harassment consists of Unwanted sexual attention that creates an bad work environment
There are two types of sexual harassment Quid pro quo(Threats), Hostile work environment(intimidation)
Two types of job recruiting Internal and external
Hiring selection process Screening of job applicants to hire the best candidate
3 types of hiring tools Resumes, interviewing, and employment test
3 types of interviews Unstructured, structured, behavioral-description interview(based on past work exp)
3 types of employment test Ability, performance test(to measure skills)and personality test
2 Kinds of Performance reviews Objective-based on facts & Subjective based on perceptions oppinions of a manager about their employees
To help increase employee performance, a manager can use two kinds of reviews Formal reviews(conducted at specific times) and Informal (unscheduled basis)
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