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Pharm 34 Antibac


PEP analogue inhibits bacterial enol pyruvate transferase (MurA) (inhibit UDP-NAG->UDP-NAM) for UTI (E. coli, Klebsiella). SE: HA, diarrhea. synergize w Beta-lactams, aminoglycosides, fluroquinolones Fosfomycin
Inhibit alanine racemase and D-Ala-D-Ala ligase for Myco tuberculosis and MAC. SE: Seizures. Contra: Epilepsy, depression, alcohol. Cycloserine
Inhibit dephos of bactoprenyl diphosphate for skin/eye infx, GI decontamination of C. diff or VRE. SE: nephro/neurotox, marrow suppress. Bacitracin
Inhibit peptidoglycan glycosyltransferase (PGT)->prevent addition of murein units to polymer chain, for MRSA. SE: ototox, Red-man synd (preadmin antihistamines). Vancomycin
Inhibit transpeptidase for S. aureus, Strep pyogenes, N. meningitidis, Syphilis, Yaws, prophylax for Rheumatic fever. SE: Seizures, pseudomembranous colitis, anaphylaxis, rash, fever. Beta-lactamase sensitive Penicillin - G (IV) - V (oral)
Inhibit transpeptidase for skin/soft tissue/systemic S. aureus infx. SE: N/V/D. Beta-lactamase resistant. Narrow spec, can be resisted Methicillin
Inhibit transpeptidase for Listeria meningitis, uncomp ear/nose/throat infx (otitis media). SE: rash, N/V/D. Cheap, broad spec, Beta-lactamase sensitive as single agents Ampicillin (take with sulbactam) Amoxicillin (take with clavulanic acid)
Inhibit transpeptidase for P. aeruginosa. SE: Rash, N/V/D. broad spec, Beta-lactamase sensitive Carbenicillin, Ticarcillin, Piperacillin
1st gen Ceph for Gram + cocci, Proteus mirabilis, E. coli, Klebs pneumo (PEcK). SE: pseudomem colitis, leuko/thrombocytopenia. Beta-lactamase sensitive Cefazolin, Cephalexin
2nd gen Ceph for H. influ, Enterobac, Neisseria, P. mirabilis, Klebs pneumo, E. coli, Serratia (HEN PEcKS), Gram +. SE: pseudomem colitis, leuko/thrombocytopenia. More Beta-lactamase resistant than 1st gen. Cefuroxime (community acquired pneumo) Cefotetan (disulfram rxn w alcohol and block vit K coag factor synth, intra-ab and pelvic infx)
3rd gen Ceph for serious Gram -, Pseudomonas, Gonorrhea, B. burgdorferi, H. influ, Enterobacs. SE: pseudomem colitis, leuko/thrombocytopenia. HIGHEST CNS PENETRATION. Resist Beta-lactamases Ceftriaxone (cholestat hepatitis) Cefoperazone (disulfram rxn w alcohol and block vit K coag factor synth)
4th gen Ceph for Gram - (Enterobacs, Neisseria, H. influ, P. aeruginosa), Gram positives. SE: pseudomem colitis, leuko/thrombocytopenia, erythrocyte autoantibods. Resist Beta-lactamases. Cefepime
5th gen Ceph for MRSA, VRSA, Strep pneumo, Morax cat, H. influ. SE: pseudomem colitis, leuko/thrombocytopenia, hemolytic anemia. Ceftaroline
Inhibit transpeptidase for penicillin allergic pts w gram neg infx. no gram pos. Aztreonam (a Monobactam)
Inhibit transpeptidase for gram pos and gram neg except MRSA, VRE, and Legionella. Decrease valproate levels. Carbapenems: -penem (Imipenem/cilastatin, Meropenem, Doripenem)
Integrates into Gram pos bac membranes forming pores for Complicated skin infx, bacteremia or right sided endocarditis from S. aureus. SE: Myopathy. Contra: do not use w statins (myopathy) Daptomycin
Antimycobacterial, SE: optic neuritis, blindness. Contra: pts unable to report visual changes, do not use w antacids. Mycobacteristatic Ethambutol (part of RIPE)
Antimycobacterial, SE: Anemia, hepatotox, arthralgias, hyperuricemia. Contra: Gout. Inhibits Fatty Acid Synthetase 1 (FAS1) Pyrazinamide (part of RIPE)
Antimycobacterial, SE: Neurotox (paresthesias, periph neuropathy, ataxia [supplement w pyridoxine]), SLE. Contra: Active Liver disease. Inhibit mycolic acid synth (targets FAS2). Can inhibit or induce P450. Mycobactericidal Isoniazid (part of RIPE)
Created by: Jakphooey