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ACT Review Questions

What is mindfulness? -a way of observing your experiences; noticing w/o trying to change. -present-focused. -3 types: observe, describe, participate -get in touch w/ experiencing moment to moment. Pay attention to all components of experience.
MBCT and Cognitive Model of Relapse Negative thinking episode->non-negative thinking remission->potential relapse->LOW MOOD: Re-activation of negative thinking->Negative thinking patterns re-established->relapse OR Awareness of thoughts. React to them differently->No relapse
ACT Assumptions -Trying to get rid of pain only amplifies it & transforms it into something worse. -When fighting symptoms, your life is pushed to side -Goal: accept reality as it is w/o trying to fight it. -The problem is not the problem, the solution is
Cognitive Diffusion Based on Relational Frame Theory -Stimulus Equivalence: feel like word describing event makes us feel like we are actually exping the event. -Unstick from our associations: thoughts are thoughts. Words are words.
Created by: lbord313