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CNS depressants1

Sensory & Neuro

Benzodiazapine names usually end in "pam"
Benzodiazapine action hypnotic that causes sedation and promotes sleep
Benzodiazapine side affects drowsiness, dizziness, sedation, confusion, withdrawal (do not stop medication suddenly)
Benzodiazapine interventions watch for sings of toxicity such as slurred speech, uncoordinated muscle movement, respiratory depression, and ataxia (lack of coordination)
Benzodiazapine administration give 30 minutes before bedtime
Benzodiazapine instructions don't take with other CNS depressants or alcohol
Non-benzodiazapine names Ambien, Sonata, Lunesta
Non-benzodiazapine action same as benzodiazapines
Non-benzodiazapine side affects drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, anxiety, and diplopia (double vision)
Non-benzodiazapine administration give just before bed time on an empty stomach for best effects
Non-benzodiazapine instructions do not take with other CNS depressants or alcohol
Centrally acting muscle relaxants (CAMR) names Lioresal, Soma, Paraflex, and Flexeril
CAMR action enhance inhibitory effects of GABA in spinal cord. for muscle spasms
CAMR side affects drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, and constipation
CAMR instructions start with low dose and gradually increase. give with food or milk. Don't stop drug abruptly
CAMR contraindications don't give if MAOI's have been given in the past two weeks
Peripherally acting muscle relaxants (PAMR) Dantrium
PAMR action act directly on skeletal muscle to inhibit the release of calcium to block contraction of muscle. for muscle spasms
PAMR side affects muscle weakness, drowsiness, dizziness, and diarrhea
PAMR instructions monitor for diarrhea, muscular weakness, and cardiac dysrhythmias. do not give to patients with liver disease
Hydantoin names Dilantin, Peganone, Cerebyx. Generic names of these end in "toin"
Hydantoin action for seizures. inhibits influx of sodium
Hydantoin side affects drowsiness, gingival hyperplasia, withdrawal
Hydantoin instructions take with meals, keep serum levels between 10-20 mcg/mL, soft bristled tooth brush, don't stop abruptly
Iminostilbene names carbamazapine (Tegretol)
Iminostilbene action same as Hydantoin
Iminostilbene side affects visual disturbances, fluid retention
Iminostilbene interventions gradually increase dose, split dose and give larger dose before bed, if any blood cell counts are below normal withhold drug
Iminostilbene instructions take with food, grapefruit juice may increase plasma levels, may produce negative false pregnancy test
Valproic acid names Depakote, Depacon, Depakene
Valproic acid action inhibits the influx of Na and Ca and increases the inhibitory effects of GABA. for seizures.
Valproic acid side affects GI upset, bruising, bleeding, decreased platelets
Valproic acid interventions monitor bleeding time, platelets, and for bruising.
Local anesthesia names lidocaine and novocaine
Local anesthesia action for pain. inhibits influx of Na
Local anesthesia side affects respiratory depression and hypotension
Local anesthesia interventions if hypotension occurs, lower the head of the bed. if it worsens, prepare to administer ephedrine or phenylephrine
General anesthesia/barbiturates (GA/B) names Pentothal, Brevital
GA/B action for hypnosis for quick procedures. enhances inhibitory effects of GABA
GA/B side affects decreased HR, decreased BP, respiratory depression
GA/B instructions Use of this drug with other CNS depressants may increase respiratory depression. herbals kava kava and valerian increase the sedation
General anesthesia/benzodiazapine (GA/Benzo) names Versed, Valium
GA/Benzo action to help cause sedation before giving general anesthesia
GA/Benzo side effects amnesia, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest
General anesthesia/opioids (GA/O) names Fentanyl
GA/O action narcotic agonist of analgesia and sedation
GA/O side affects nausea, sedation, respiratory depression, and circulatory depression
GA/O instructions don't administer within 2 weeks of having MAOI's to avoid a hypertensive crisis. don't give with other CNS depressants
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