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X-ray Studies

X-Ray Studies (Barium, Parts of Interest)

What is the advantage of the left lateral decubitus position, compared with the supine position AP abdomen? Demonstration of air-fluid levels
Why is left lateral decubitus preferred over right lateral decubitus position when patient is unable to stand? To enable rising free air to be seen through homogenous background density of the liver.
Why let the patient remain in the lateral recumbent postion for several minutes before making an exposure? To allow any air to rise within the abdomen.
Radiographic visualization of the GB after the introduction of a contrast medium is called? Cholecystography
Cholangiography is defined as the radiographic study of? Biliary ducts
The imaging modality of choice for demonstration of the GB and biliary tract is called? Sonography
In which of the following biliary ducts is the T-tube placed for drainage? Common hepatic duct and common bile duct
What type of contrast media is used for postoperative cholangiography? Water-soluble and iodinated contrast media
What 2 types of contrast media are used for double-contrast esophageal studies? High-density barium product and carbon dioxide crystals
What 2 oblique positions can be used to demonstrate the entire esophagus effectively? RAO and LPO
What type of radiopaque contrast medium usually is used in routine UGI studies? Barium sulfate with 30% to 50% weight per volume concentration
What breathing instructions should be given to the patient when making the exposure? Suspend respiration after expiration.
T/F: For the average patient, the PA oblique projection, RAO position produces the best image of the pyloric canal and the duodenal bulb filled with barium. True
T/F: The AP oblique projection, LPO position, demonstrates the fundic portion of the stomach filled with barium. True
What position should be used to best demonstrate the duodenal loop and the duodenojejunal junction filled with contrast medium? Recumbent right lateral position
At which vertebral level should the central ray enter the patient if the patient is in the recumbent position? L1 - L2
Why should a high-density barium product be used as the contrast medium for double-contast studies? To obtain better coating of the lumen.
When might an orally administered, water-soluble, iodinated contrast medium be used in place of a barium sulfate mixture? When the patient cannot tolerate retrograde filling of the colon
What should the temperature of the barium be when administering cold barium solution? Approximately 41 F
What is the maximum height above the level of the anus that a BE bag may be placed on an IV stand? 24 inches (61 cm)
Approximately how far into the rectum should an enema tip be inserted? 3.5 to 4 inches (8.9 to 10 cm)
For the UGI exam, to which level of the patient should the IR be centered? Iliac crest
To which level of the patient should the central ray be directed for the PA axial projection? ASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spines)
Which area of the large intestine is best demonstrated with the PA axial projection? Rectosigmoid
T/F: For the PA oblique projection, RAO position, the central ray should be directed 35 to 45 degrees caudally. False
Both colic flexures should be seen in the RAO position radiograph. True
The PA oblique projection, RAO position is performed primarily to demonstrate the right colic flexure. True
Which 2 structures of the large intestine are demonstrated primarily with the PA oblique projection, LAO position? Left colic flexure and descending colon
Which portions of the large intestine are of prime interest with the lateral projection? Sigmoid and rectum
For the AP axial projection, in which direction and how many degrees should the central ray be directed? Cephalically 30 to 40 degrees
Which flexure (right colic or left colic) should be well demonstrated with the AP oblique projection, LPO position? Right colic
What other oblique position produces an image similiar to the AP oblique projection, RPO position? LAO
What position best demonstrates the left colic flexure? Right lateral decubitus
What position best demonstrates the right colic flexure? Left lateral decubitus
What is the concentration level of barium sulfate suspensions used for single-contrast colonic enemas? Between 12 - 25% weight/volume
What is the concentration level of barium sulfate suspensions used for double-contrast colonic enemas? 75 - 95% weight/volume
What is the temperature for warm barium administration? 85 to 90 degrees F
What is the chemical symbol of Barium Ba
What is the atomic number of Barium? 56
What is the chemical symbol of Iodine? "I"
What is the atomic number for Iodine? 53
What structures are shown with an AP, PA projection of the esophagus? Esophagus filled with barium
What does Chassard-Lapine demonstrate? Rectum, retrosigmoid junction, sigmoid
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