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MedSurg pharmacology

Chapter 19

Informed consent patient cannot be under the influence of any substance such as alcohol or drugs patient under 18 years of age cannot give own consent.
informed consent can be given by a patient 17 years and married or over the age of 18.
how can a nurse assistant with anxiety for a patient? answer any of the questions the patients may have on the procedure or concerns.
how can a nurse lesson embarrassment for patient when collecting a specimen? have the patient provide their own specimen.
whose responsibility is it to notify the physician for abnormal test results? the nurses
obtaining a sterile urine specimen – it can be obtained with a straight Or clamp fully and draw from Port.
residual urine is obtained from a patient – within 10 minutes of the voiding straight cath.
glucose specimen is done by – he poked the side of the finger.
when is a stool specimen urgent to be sent to the lab immediately? if parasites or ova are present
what is the best time to collecting sputum specimen from a patient? early morning.
when the nurses unable to obtain a sputum specimen what procedure is done to obtain? tracheal suctioning.
when collecting a specimen from a long culture where do you never collect a specimen from? old drainage
what do you do after procedure that deals with throat is done? patient is NPO two hours after procedure and assess patient for gag reflex return.
how do you get more blood to the finger of a patient when trying to obtain blood glucose specimen? hold on to the patient side, milk the finger or using warm compress.
before administration of contrast media access what? patient is allergic to iodine or shelfish?
patient scheduled for an upper G.I. and barium Enema that patient can expect to be? NPO after midnight the night before the test.
post number biopsy for the first one to two hours which side should your patient the lying on and why? patient should be lying on the right side same side of the surgery biopsy. The reason why – keeps pressure on the liver to prevent hemorrhage.
nursing interaction prior to the MRI for patient should be? have patient to remove any pins, clips, metals, and dentures.
what are some venipuncture risks– low platelet count, AV fistula, mastectomy, blood thinner.
Vasoconstrict you would? use a cold compress
Vasodialate you would? use a hot compress
when a occult stool specimen is positive color does the test strip turn? blue
when collecting a 24-hour urine specimen the nurse would? to start the first weight then collect the next 24 hours of urine and keep it on ice or in a refrigerator.
when preparing a patient for a arterialgraphy make sure the patient is – not on any blood thinners.
giving a beer am on about what color is the stool and what should the patient do after the test? the color of the stool should be white and patient should be educated on drinking plenty of water after the test.
when assessing for abnormal urine samples what with the nurse be looking for? signs of blood in the urine.
during a bronchoscopy reassure the patient that – they are going be to able to breathe during the whole time of the procedure.
during a EKG the nurse has just attached the leads to the patient what would be the next process the nurse is to perform? immediately obtain tracing. During this procedure asked patient to be as still as possible.
when a patient is older and has obvious signs of loss of subcutaneous tissue which step would eliminate when performing a venipuncture? eliminate the use of a tourniquet.
after a bone scan was performed on your patient there was an obvious hematoma are their IV site,is it okay to apply a warm compress? And why? yes a warm compress would be sufficient due to the warm compress moves the blood and allows the veins to dialate.
when performing a Venipuncture never leave the tourniquet on for more than– 1 to 2 minutes.
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