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Radiation Protection

Protective tube housing keeps leakage contained to less than? 100 mR/hr @ 1 meter
SID indicator must be accurate to within? within 2% of the SID
PBL must be accurate? to within 2% of the SID
Reproducibility should not vary by? +/- 5%
Source to skin distance for stationary fluoro not be less than 15" or 38 cm
source to skin distance for mobile fluoro not be less than 12" or 30 cm
the Primary protective barrier has which requirements? 2mm Pb eq., 7 ft. tall, 1/16" Pb EQ
filtration for tube 70 kvp+ 2.5 Al Eq
filtration for tubes 50-70 kVp 1.5 Al Eq
filtration for tubes less than 50 kVP .5 Al Eq
Bucky slot cover protection .25 mm Pb eq
xray intensity shouldn't exceed how much R/min? 10R/ min
interventional intensity shouldn't exceed how much R/min? 20R/ min
secondary protective barriers requirements? 1/32" pb eq
Controlled area dose? <100 mrem/week or 1msv/week
uncontrolled area dose? <2mrem/week
Workload (W) =? # of exams that are performed in a room
Use Factor (U)=? % of time the beam is on and directed towards a barrier.
Lithium Fluoride (LiF) atomic #? 8.2
LiF is sensitive and can measure doses as low as? and is as accurate as? 5mrem and +/- 5%
Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL)use what? aluminum oxide
OSL has a prevision of what? +/- 1 mrem
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