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ch. 34 DI


Advantages to the digital environment over film include -Digital images can be manipulated witout re exposure to patients -Digital images can be sent to remote locations -Digital images require less physical storage
BMI platforms: The computer platforms used for medical patient care purposes -PACS -Hospital information system (HIS) -Radiology information system(RIS) -Electronic medical record (EMR)
Any computer platform that is designed to deal with medical purposes such as medical care, medical information, and medical research and documentation would be classified as a/an BMI
The acronym __ stands for picture archiving and communication system. PACS
Essential characteristics of a PACS include -distribution and retrieval of didigital images -display of digital images -digital image storage and long term archival
As a result of film digitizer -hard copy analog films can be scanned into digital format -Digitized images can be placed into a PACS -Digitized images can be networked with other DICOM images
The adoption of a DICOM standard in the medical imaging industry was designed to allow various vendors to share digital data without proprientary software constraints.
The DICOM standard has established two classes of information. They are service class and object class
DICOM service class includes -image storage -image query -image retrieval -image print -image resource -examination
The service class and object class combine to form a SOP unit
SOP can be related to a CT scanner and its workstation
When images are sent from a CT workstation to a radiologist viewing station for interpretation, the workstation and viewing station become a SOP. In this case the __ The work station is a provider class and viewing station is user class.
The health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 HIPPA intens to protect a patients medical information from unauthorized usage and access
Examples of acceptable HIPAA complaint actions include -eliminationg all patient identifiers onan image used for a classroom presentation -keeping a patient image on display monitor as a school tour group visits the deparment. All patent identifiers have been removed from the image display. -asking colleag
A _ _ _ uses a laser beam that scans in a raster pattern across the film as it is transported through the digitizer. laser beam digitizer
Based upon image file size, the greatest image file size would be created with _ _. Digital mammography
Gray scale bit depth ranges from _ to _ bits 8, 32
Gray scale bit depth determines the number of gray shades
__ connects all the computers in a system. LAN (local area network)
__ is the regional or national network for digital communications. WAN ( wide area network)
__ responds to light from a laser and to hear from a thermal head. Silver based dry film
Soft copy display of images refers to images displayed via a video monitor
Advantages of soft copy display include -Ability to manipulate the images without re explosing the patients -multiple location viewing of the same image -variations in density of contrast -decreased number of lost films
The image displayed on a flat panel monitor is a soft copy
__ may have resolution as high as 3 to 5 megapixels. LCD
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