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RADT 456-Protection

ARRT registry review-Radiation Protection

What is the annual occupational whole-body dose equivalent limit? 50 msv (5 rem or 5000 mrem)
What is the occupational gestational dose-equivalent limit for embryo/fetus of a pregnant radiographer? 5 msv
What type of expsure switch must a fluoroscopic and/or radiographic exposure switch have? Dead man switch
True or False. Lymphocytes have the greatest radiosensitivy in the adult human. True
Thyroid cancers, cataractogensis and genetic mutations are all consider to be ___ effects. Somatic
What type of crystals does a thermoluminescent dosimetry (TLD) system use? Lithium Fluoride
How is x-ray photon intensity affected when the SID is doubled? The intensity decreases by four times
What type of dose response curve states that there is no dose below which radiation is completely safe? No-threshold linear response curve
What is another name for immature cells? Undifferientiated or stem cells
What happens to patient does when fluoroscopic FOV decreases? Increases
What is the unit for Roentgen? Exposure
True or False. A high-speed intensifying screen uses a lower mAs which limits patient dose. True
It is generally preferred that the skull be examined in a ___ projection. PA
What does the term hypoxic mean and/or refer to? Refers to tissue with little oxygen
When tissue is anoxic it is ____ sensitive. Least
The NRCP regulations state that, leakage radiation from the x-ray tube must not exceed how many mR/h? 100 mR/h
Use factor, workload, and occupancy factor are all used in determining Radiation barrier thickness and protective barrier thickness
What type of radiation personnel monitor has the capability of providing immediate readings? Ionization chamber
True or False. According to the law of Bergonie and Tibondeau, cells are more sensitive if they are highly mitotic or immature. True
What does RBE stand for? Degree of response or amount of biologic change one can expect of the irradiated material
What type of relationship do RBE and LET share? Direct. As LET increases, RBE increases
What is the most radiosensitive portion of the GI tract? Small bowel because of the villi
Equipment operating above 70 kVp must have a total filtration of? 2.5 mm
What are filters generally comprised of when used in radiology? aluminum
What is the purpose of filters in a film badge? They measure radiation quality
Control booths, lead aprons, gloves, and the wall of the x-ray room about 7 ft are all examples of ___ barriers. Secondary
Basements and smoking cigarettes are identified as sources of ___ exposure. Radon
True or False. Radiology departments are known as a source of radon gas exposure. False
What two types of radiation are considered electromagnetic? X-ray and Gamma
What two types of radiation are considered particulate radiations? Alpha and Beta
Created by: kjschapker