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Chapter 4 Geography

What is the only major continent without a desert? Europe
_______ reached its Golden Age in the 400s B.C. Greece
Each Greek _________ or city-state was ruled differently polis
Why is Classical Greece called the “Cradle of Democracy”? Our founding fathers liked the Athenian democracy and took some of the ideas of ancient Greece.
What city-state was the home of the world’s 1st democratic constitution? Athens
Who had the right to speak freely and vote in Athens? Free men who were citizens, at least 20 years old, and who were land owners.
The word ________ is Greek for “love of wisdom”. philosophy
List 3 of the greatest Greek teachers or philosophers. Socrates (taught Plato), Plato (writer), Aristotle (observer)
What is democracy? When the people govern by choosing leaders and law.
Why did Sparta and Athens briefly unite? to defeat Persia
Between 431 and 404 B.C. Sparta and Athens fought each other in the _________ War and weakened Greece. Peloponnesian
In the 300’s B.C., Philip II of Macedonia and his son _________ the ________ conquered Greece. Alexander the Great
How did Alexander spread Greek culture? He combined Persian and Egyptian culture
Alexander founded a museum/library in this city in northern Egypt. Name the city. Alexandria
By 130 B.C. the _________ had control of Alexander’s Empire. Romans
According to legend the city of Rome was built by twin brothers ________ and _______. Romulus and Remus
Rome is built on ______ hills in central Italy. It is near the ______ River. seven Tiber
Founded around ____ B.C. the city of Rome dominated the Italian/Apennine Peninsula by 700 B.C. 1000
Define republic. People choose their leaders
What were the 12 Tables? Law; bronze tablets on which laws were recorded
The Roman ______ was made up of wealthy landowners who served for life. Senate
The Roman Empire surrounded the “Roman Lake”. What was its real name? Mediterranean Sea
Name the wars with Carthage that led Rome to become an Empire. Punic Wars
What is an Emperor? an absolute ruler
Roman Senators killed Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. Why? He attempted to become the first emperor
What was the result of Caesar’s death? This led to a civil war between Caesar’s supporters and those of the Senate.
In 31 B.C. this man became Rome’s first Emperor. He was Caesar’s nephew. Name him. Octavius/Augustus
What did the Romans use the Coliseum for? fighting, gladiator games
Where did they get the money to pay for it? In 70 AD, the Roman army attacked Jerusalem and sold the Israelites into slavery.
The _________ is a domed temple that the Romans built. Pantheon
What major religious group was persecuted by the Romans until the religion was legalized in the 300s A.D.? Christianity
______ of Nazareth was born in Israel/Palestine during the reign of Caesar Augustus. Jesus
What is an aqueduct? Overhead channels that carried water for long distances
There is an old saying: “All roads lead to ____.” Rome
In 330 A.D. Constantine I moved the capital of the empire from Rome to ______________. Constantinople
When the city of Rome fell in 476 A.D. the eastern half of the Empire began to be called the __________ ___________. Byzantine Empire
What group conquered the Byzantine Empire in 1453? The Ottoman Turks
Today Constantinople is called ____________.
Istanbul is located in what modern country? Turkey
What sea is Istanbul next to? Black Sea
Which Turkish city is located on the continents of Asia and Europe?
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