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Beam Restriction

Beam Review

what makes up inherent filtration? what is total filtration? envelope(pyrix glass) and oil(gets rid of heat). inherent(0.5mm) + added Al Layer(1.0mm) total equals 2.5mm Al with mirror (1.0mm)
what is advantage of filter? lower patient dose
if we don't have enough oil what do we add? ml of Aluminum
if we have filtration, true or false we eliminate a certain quantity of radiation from striking the patient image receptor true
if we have filtration that stops radiation from striking patient image receptor, what happens to density lower
when we harden the beam is equivalent to higher or lower Kvp higher
what happens to contrast when we harden the beam decreases
FDA requirements below 50 kvp .5
FDA requirements 50-70 1.5
FDA requirements 70-100 Recommend? 2.5 3.0
FDA requirements above 100 3.0
where is the filter located in the system between the tube and the patient
what is the purpose of a compensating filter to make up for lost of contrast and densities in certain areas, tissue difference densities.
what are two types of compensating filters wedge- filter with foot or t-spine) trough- filter with cxr(chest)
what is the purpose of beam restriction or collimation lower patient dose, not letting as much radiation through, lessening the scatter
if we properly collimate and compensate with our techniques what does it do to contrast, what are some advantages improves it. improve contrast, less scatter, reduce patient dose
what is the simplest type of filtration. could you vary field size aperture, 1st kind used. No (disadvantage)
what is the filtration with the straight extension, Flared? cylinder, Cone
what is pneumbra blurring on the edge
what is shadowing or ghost beyond the collimating called stem or off focus
if we properly use beam restriction, what do we improve on our image contrast(improves image quality)
for a collimator what degree should the mirror sit, how can we test if mirror is off 45 degrees, 8 penny test
if the mirror sat 15 mm from the focal spot how many mm would it have to sit from the light 15 mm has to be equal
what is the purpose of entrance shutter? movable part? eliminate off focus radiation. collimator shutters
what does PBL stand for Positive Beam Limitation device, an automatic collimator or beam restrictor that adjusts to the size of the image receptor for each x-ray.
if we collimate from a 14x17 to a 10x12 we? 8x10 increase 40% Mass, increase 60% Mass
the standard for the 8 penny test is the width of the penny which is 2% of SID, and at 40" SID
what is the purpose for filters to harden the beam and reduce patient skin dose
what is HVL half value layer-amount of absorber required to reduce initial beam intensity by 1/2 or 50%
what are the two types of filters Aluminum and Copper
what decreases with collimation and what increases scatter decreases, and contrast increases
why do you have to increase mAs with beam restriction to prevent density decrease.
what are the components of collimator 1.) Focal spot 2.)Filter( Entrance shutters) 3.)Mirror at 45 degrees 4.)light(lamp) 5.) Second stage shutters(cross shutters)
Created by: johnsoni1986