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Cognition PPT

Cognition, Sensory Motor Processing & Gross Motor Skills

Evaluation- Symptomatic hx What impairs child's ability to fxn? What does parent see as a problem?
Eval- Subjective info Health hx: birth, procedures, environment, etc.
Child's Reactions To: environment, therapist, parents, siblings, activity
Any physical impairments, such as? Mm tone; ROM; Strength; Stability; Structure; Symmetry; Posture; Speech; Mobility; Gait; Tics/Abnormal mvmt; Vision; Hearing; Feeding; Continence
Cognitive Impairments? Following directions- how many commands?; Communication- what do they understand? Where does child fxn cognitively relative to motor skills?
Step 2: Forming a PLan What are we looking for & treating? What is realistic? What are the goals for us, & parents/pt? We must understand what we see
Understanding Does child understanding what's being asked? Need more time to process? Commands more simple? Rxns to commands? What is seen with independent play? What is child "seeking"/"not seeking"?
What is step 3? Implementing a Plan
Sensory Seekers Smashers, hitters, heavy workers
Averters Poor eye contact; Difficult to motivate
Low Engine flat affect; low energy
High Engine runs at full speed; constant movers
Behavioral Issues ADHD; ODD
Complete incoordination Masking tape kids
Excellent coordination Idiopathic players; Increased ideology
Poor spatial awareness In others' space; Don't notice things in their own space
Guided activity Tailor activity to where child is & understand how child changes
Ex of heavy work Climb, Push, Pull, Lift, Carry
Ex of Calm Slow, Rhythmic, Quiet
Ex of Compression Wrap, Weight, Vests, Cocoon
Ex of Vibration Manual; Toys; Tapping; Facilitation
Ex of Swing Linear, Stop & Go, Spinning, Bumping
Ex of Vestibular Scooter boards, Slides, Rolling
Ex of Inversion Hanging, Therapy ball, Bear walk, Yoga
Ex of Bouncing Trampolines, Therapy ball, Jumping
Ex of Elevation Balance beams, Boards, Rope ladder, Stairs
What is step 4? When to discharge
When to D/C? Goals met? Family/school continue with progress? Child transition to/from other settings with carryover from PT? Any other problems need addressed?
Created by: 1190550002