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Ender The Elder

The Wizard's Servant Stack

Who is the world's most famous person? ME!!!
Who is the most annoying person in the world? Everyone except Diego, Damian, Dimitri, and Daniel
How many numbers are in the following: l1l1l1l1l1ls6o0 7 numbers
What holiday is known as Satan's birthday? Halloween
Is Johnny Depp a person who plays Captain Jack in "Pirates of the Carribean?" YES!
What movie is a story about vampires that don't want to fight with humans? Twilight Zone Part 1 & 2
What is an Adventure Time fan called? Adventurer
Who are the characters of Adventure Time? Finn, Jake, Marceline, Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, Lumpy Space Princess, Beemo, Gunter, Earl of Lemongrab, Flame Princess, Peppermint Butler, Fionna, Cake, Me-Mow, Tree Trunks, Candy People, Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee
Which character in Adventure Time is a pet of Princess Bubblegum? Lady Rainicorn
Are cakes better than ice cream? Nope, ice cream is better
Do I play the cello, the bass, or the violin? Cello
What day of the week is full of sun? Sunday
Is Adventure Time better than Regular Show? I'd say both are same
Is my favorite character in Adventure Time Beemo? Totally! I would want Beemo. Imagine a game system, alarm clock, and camera at the same time that talks!
Who is Finn's ex-girlfriend in Adventure Time? Flame Princess
Is Albert's mother in Family Guy so fat that she doesn't need to use the Internet because she's already world wide? Definitely yes!!!
Can you sing the lyrics for Katy Perry Roar? I bet your voice is so annoying that the mirrors will crack.
Are cheetahs the fastest animals on land? Yes
Is an Adventure Time fan supposed to remember all characters? YES!!!
Name all the Adventure Time fans in Room 51 of Eagle Rock Elementary School. Valerie (Obviously), Damian, and Me!
Is Korean drama better than Japanese drama? Yes
Is Gunter a servant of the Ice King in Adventure Time? Yup!
Created by: justinhwang10
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