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Jasmine The Queen

The Best Stack Of The Minion Stacks

What is one of the four lettered body parts? The foot
Are there 51 capitols in the 50 states? No. There are 51 capitals in the 50 states but not 51 capitols.
Is an egg going to flow on water with salt when you throw it in the water? Yes
Is yttrium in the periodic table? Oh yeah!
Is my full name Justin Hun Hane-seoung Hwang? NO!!! My name is not Justin Hun - I can't even say it!
What song annoys people mostly? "100 bottles of milk on the wall"
What is yucky and brown? A sausage in a garbage bin.
What is the yuckiest burger in the world? The PooBurger. If you want one, go to my restaurant: McPoop Burger Place. If you want to know the ingredients, I'll tell you. Bird poop is for mayo, dog poop is for the patty, and the buns are chopped up butt cheeks.
What is a marker that is a pencil? Chinese marker
What is black, white, and red all over? A penguin in a blender! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Is NASCAR a racing show? Yeah, no duh.
What is a type of dog that starts with a letter Y? Yorkshire Terrier
Is a male monkey stronger that a female gorilla? Yup. A male monkey the size of a garbage bin beat up a female gorilla that was the size of a huge beast. It came up in the news.
Does the London Olympics have Synchronized Swimming? Yeah!!!
Is my favorite princess in Disney Cinderella? I would prefer Rapunzel.
What is a... What?!
Would you rather be a poop or a booger? Poop because, when you get flushed down the toilet you can meet friends of your own kind!
Does a butterfly eat butter? Yes! Why do you think butterflies are named BUTTERflies? (Just kidding)
Is a Norwegian Ridgeback a real dragon? NO. Just flat no.
Created by: justinhwang10
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