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Justin The King

The Most Awesome Stack Ever (Thx for starring my stack)

What does gullible mean? Foolish
What is the first word in the dictionary? Aardvark
What is the cube root of 704969? 89
What is my favorite food? Tacos and noodles
Do I like Barbie? NO!!!
Do I have a dog named Pigsnout? Yes
Do I like to go to the zoo? No. I get mad when I see the hyenas laughing at me.
Do I have an instagram? Yes. My username is "friendofgavin."
Do I play chess or checkers? Both
What is my middle name? Hun
My best friend is... You (Whoever you are, you're my best friend!)
Is my birthday 6/13/03? Yes.
Is my favorite animal a gorilla? I am not fond of gorillas. I hate it when gorillas hit their chests like king-kongs. Once I fed a gorilla by giving him a bunch of grapes, and the gorilla went crazy. He knocked his own cage down. The ranger told me that gorillas like bananas.
Is the granddaughter of Michael Jordan, Jessica Jordan? Definitely not. If you think that's true, you're just dumb. That's all I'll say.
Is my favorite football team the Eagles? Oh yeah. I'm gonna blow up right now if you thought no.
What street do I live in? I'm not telling you!
Is my age 11? Definitely yes, because I know you're my classmate.
Is my favorite movie "The Muppets?" Yes. It's an all star movie, bro.
Do I like sushi? Not that much.
What's my password for my account? ##########
Is the song "Holygrail" by Justin Timberlake? Um, yeah... if you don't know the song you're crazy!
Is Hungry Bug fun? Sort of
Did the Warriors win the Lakers in Beijing? Yes
Created by: justinhwang10