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Unit 4 Vocabulay


Vocab WordDefinition
Courtroom Romm where trials are held
Squatted Crouched to heels
Immigrants People who come from a foreign country
Farewells Good-byes
Considering Thinking about doing something
Rescued Saved
Chanting Repeating something is one tone
Vain Thinking of only yourself
Uniforms Clothes worn by certain group
Evidence Facts or proof
Reminder Something to help remember
Gradually Slowly over a period of time
Convinced Caused to believe
Diamond Baseball's infield
Definitely Surely, positively
Flung Threw
Suggested Try to get somene to do something
Suspected Think something without proof
Recite Repeat something over and over
Tangled Twisted
Character Actor in a play
Engineer An expert in engineering
Grounders Ball hit on the ground
Principal Head of a school
Cautious Carefully
Disguise Make something look like something else
Dangerous Not safe
Guilty Proven wrong
Courageous Brave
Stroke Sudden attack where blood vessels break
Taunted Teased
Defendant Person whom a charge is brought against
Created by: jill.wehlander