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Lauren Baltz Flanders, NJ Biological Sciences, Gold Award
Charlie Palmer Greenville, SC Biological Sciences, Eagle Scout
Jen Hagan Centerville, VA Finance
Megan Walker Summerville, SC Marketing
Chase Lawson Windham, NH Accounting and Finance
Parker Leland Greenville, SC Microbiology (Biomedicine)
Liz Fulton Kensington, MD Economics
Lindsay Legrand Columbia, SC Nursing
Lexy Marianiello Carmel, NY History
Kayla DiMarco Greenville, SC Chemistry
Nick Grogg Charleston, SC PRTM
Laura Schwerzel John's Creek, GA English
Paige Eber Hampstead, MD Industrial Engineering
James Allen Durham, NC Accounting
Steven Cox Charleston, SC Graphic Communications
Steven Fessler Greenville, SC Chemical Engineering
Nick Hill Charlotte, NC Environmental Engineering
Ryan Murphy Concord, NC Chemistry
Charlton Brownell Charleston, SC Biological Sciences
Ryan Rodges Pheonix, MD Wildlife & Fisheries Biology
Conrad Bauknight Columbia, SC Computer Science
Rebecca Thomas Denmark, SC Bioengineering
Chantel Simmons Summerville, SC AVS
Jamie Yohn Charleston,SC History
Ben Tyler Fort Mill, SC Secondary Education (History)
Jordan Livingston Charleston, SC Forest Resource Management
Josh Inman Charleston, SC AVS
Josh Minton Charleston, SC PRTM Sport and Camp
Marshall Pritchett Woodruff, SC Nursing
Christine Ruhe Charlotte, NC Health Science
Kiante Hall Columbia, SC Chemical Engineering
Marston Smoak St. Matthews, SC AVS
Alex Laferriere Greenville, SC Microbiology
Melanie Bennett Apex, NC Pre Pharmacy
Rianne Bonner Oakland, CA Pre-business
Ben Bodek Charleston, SC Physics
Anna Dieringer Easley, SC Nursing
Patrick Dynes Goose Creek, SC Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Stephanie Gerrald Easly, SC Health Science
Blair Gordon Bronxville, NY Sociology
Megan Heijer Greenville, SC Special Education
Suefie Moghaddassi Greenville, SC Language and International Trade
Melissa Jackson Weaverville, NC Graphic Communications
Erin Kaminsky West Friendship, MD Food Science
Demetri Kotiadis Greenwood, SC Computer Science
Morgan Lange Charleston, SC Biology/Pre-Pharmacy
Kaitlyn Lee Morgantown, NC PRTM-Hotel Management
Dre Martin Hartwell, GA Language and International Health
Asten Oldaker, Brainbridge, GA Industrial Engineering
Chad Powell Bluffton, SC Chemistry
Jay Rex Greenville, SC Bio Engineering
Mary Grace Smith Simpsonville, SC Secondary Education (History)
Mike Spires Mt. Pleasant, SC Computer Science
Teri Jo Van Der Horst Myrtle Beach, SC Mathematical Science
Lee Bundrick Chapin, SC AVS
Seth Hanley Greenville, SC Language and International Trade
Arjun Agarwal Lexington, SC Biological Sciences
David Goodman Summerville, SC History
Christopher Tyler Fort Mill, SC International Management
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