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Revision for GOLA test

What is plaster made of? Gypsum
What is Cement made of? Chalk
What are Bricks made of? Clay
What does RIDDOR stand for? Reporting of Incidents Diseases and Dangerious Occurances Regulations
What does COSHH stand for? Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health
What is a Scutch hammer used for? To trim bricks
what tools do you use to cut bricks and blocks? Bolster chisle and Lump Hammer
What voltage do power tools use on site? 110 Volts
what is subsidence? The moving or sinking of a building
What tool is used for removing damaged slates? Slate Ripper
When struck how should a reusable slate sound? Ring like a bell
What does the term Rustic mean? Old and Natural looking
What tool is used for raking out brick joints? Chariot
where is 'Dura' grade plaster used? When a hard finish is required.
What is an additive to improve workability called? Plasticiser
When two-coat plaster is applied over plasterboard, the correct grade of undercoat is? Thistle Bonding coat
what does the term shelf life mean? The product must be used within a certain period.
A Foundation that covers the entire footprint of a building is called? Raft Foundation
what is the most likely cause of a dripping tap? A defective washer
what is the best material for replacing flashings and valleys? Lead
Which types of pipe are suitable for solvent welding? Polyvinyl Chloride
Water running down the outside of a chimney stack into the roof space is likely to be caused by? Split Stepped Soakers
Several rainwater downpipes can be brought together by using? A Hopper head
What size waste is fitted to a Bath? 40mm
What size waste is fitted to a basin? 32mm
A timber is classified as a softwood if? It comes from a conifer tree
In ironmongery what is a casement stay? A bar that holds open a window
What is a dead bolt? A security feature on a lock
When painting what is the first coat of paint called? Primer
What is the best method for attaching plasterboard to stud work? Drywall Screws
Oil-Based paints are thinned down using what? White spirit
What is used to thin down Emulsion paint Water
What is the size of a standard wall tile? 150mm X 150mm
Why is obscured glass used? To provide privacy
Multi-purpose putty is made using which oil? Linseed oil
The purpose of a blue and white safety sign is to warn you of? Something you MUST do
Which regulation covers specific guidence on the safe lifting of heavy items on site by operatives? Manual Handling Operations Regulations
What should be fitted to a high level working platform to stop people and materials falling? Guard rails and Toe-boards
Before handling any chemicals that have the potential to damage your health, what document should you read? The COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)assessment
What colour is the plug casing that indicates an electrical hand tool runs off a 110 volt supply? Yellow
On site what are profiles used for? Setting out foundations
What is a Flag Stone? A type of paving
What type of hammer would you use to lay paving? A pavers Maul
What size copper pipe is used to supply a basin? 15mm
what size copper pipe is used to suppy a bath? 22mm
what is a coping stone? A top used on a brick wall.
What is a Putlog? A flattened scaffold tube that fits into a brick joint to tie a scaffold to a wall.
Created by: jon cooper
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