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Chapter 4

Philosophical Foundations of U.S Education

Philosophy Identifying the basic truths about being, knowledge, and conduct
Educational Philosophy What you believe about education
Epistemology Focuses on knowledge
Axiology Highlights the fact that a teacher has a interest not only in the quantity but also the quality of life
Ethics What is good and evil, what is right and wrong, just and unjust
Logic Deals with the process of reasoning and identifies rules that will enable the thinker to reacg valid conclusions.
Aesthetics Concerned with values related to beauty and art.
Logic Area of philosohy that deals with teh process of reaosning and identifies rules that will enable teh thinker to reach valid conclusions.
Socratic Questioning Discussion that is charaterized by questioning
Perrenialism Views truth as constant, perennial.
Essentialism Conservative philosophy of education: holds that our culture has a core of common knowledge
Post-modernism Influences teh ciriculm content and institutional strategies some teachers use
Existentialism How does it apply to ME
Critical Pedagogy Focuses on how education can promote social justice
Social justice Philosophical orientation that emphasizes equity and equal social benfits for all indoviduals and groups
Feminist Pedagogy Serves the power of dominant ideologies
Humanistic Psychology Emphasizes personal freedom, choice, awarness, and personal responsibility
Humanism Individuals control their own destinies through the application of their intelligence and learning.
Constructivism Students who use cognitive processes to construct understandinfg fo material to be learned
Cognitive Science The study of mental processes studnets use thinking and remmebering
Behavorism Principle taht desirable human behavior can be the product of design rather than accident.
Metaphysics Concerned with explaining as rationally and comprehensively as possible
Progressivism Belief that education should be child-centered rather than focused on the teacher or the content area.
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