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Management Clep Test

Principles of management practice test from CLEP book

the management function that focuses on the FUTURE is planning
the management function that deals with the structuring of authority relationships is organizing
the management function that has to do with finding people to fill the positions in the organization is staffing
the management function that makes sure that things go as planned is controlling
Give an example of middle management plant manager
what are the categories of managerial roles discussed by Mintzberg interpersonal informational and decisional
People associated with Scientific Management would include Gilbreth Taylor
classical management theory would be associated with Henri Fayol
the idea that there is NO one best way of managing which applies to all situations that the approach needs to be tailored to the situation at hand is called contingency approach
the view that the various parts of an organization affect one another and that the organization is affected by the external environment and in turn affects the environment illustrates systems approach
the environment of organizations includes governments laws customers and other organizations
the ethical dimension of business decisions requires that the decision maker consider what is feasible profitable and socially acceptable
what is NOT a form of international business activity mediation and arbitration
a business corporation with world headquarters in its home country and with semi-autonomous subsidiary companies or businesses in many other countries is frequently called a Multi national firm or corporation
a company that sells a similar product worldwide (perhaps with marketing subsidiaries in different countries) is a(an) global corporation
the steps in the planning process include determine needed solution assign responsibilities and monitor results
strategic plans and broad organizational policies would usually be the responsibility of top management
in the hierarchy of plans, strategies would be developed before operational plans
standing plans include policies
______ are guides to thinking and decision-making policies
if a ten-year strategic plan is revised each year, always projecting ten years into the future, this would be an example of rolling plan
Peter Drucker's "key result areas" include control innovation productivity and social responsibilities
all plans are also control tools
interpreted broadly, the term "sales forecast" refers to the predicted or expected future demand for the organizations produces or services. an example would be predicted enrollment next year at a university
according to Nobel laureate Herbert Simon, decision-making involves three phases which are intelligence design choice
most authorities agree that it is important at the outset of the problem-solving process or before starting the decision-making process to define the problem
the term "states of nature", "contingent value", "probability", and "expected value" would best be associated with a(an) payoff table or payoff matrix
all of the information shown in a payoff matrix can also be (and also often is) shown by a decision tree
in a break-even chart, the vertical axis shows dollars
in a break-even chart the break-even point is that point where total costs equal total revenue
there is a limit to the number of subordinates a single person can supervise. that is the principle of span of control
the scalar principle states that there should be a clear chain of command from top to bottom
when the vice president for human resources issues instructions on personnel reporting procedures to the personnel staff specialist assigned to the plant manager, this would be an example of the use of functional authority
Joan Woodward classified production technologies into three types unit and small batch
Rensis Likert's "system 4" theory proposed that organizations should be systems of overlapping groups
according to classical management theory, authority and responsibility should be equal
peachy computers has four vice presidents reporting to the CEO, VP for research and development, for engineering and manufacturing, for marketing, and finance&controller. what kind of departmentalization is involved here functional
a principle of organization that says that each subordinate should report to only one superior is called the principle of unity of command
if the sales manager has the authority to hire fire and give direction to salesmen this is what kind of relationship a line relationship
according to Alfred D. Chandler in Strategy and Structure a diversified growth strategy in a large enterprise should lead to an organizational structure that is divisionalized by product and decentralized
in the classical management theories method of management and in Max Webers theory or bureaucracy it was assumed that in the hierarchical organization, knowledge and experience were greatest at the top of the organization
the extent to which an organization operates on the basis of written rules procedures and other documents is called formalization
the term _______ refers to the number of different kinds of jobs together with the number of levels of hierarchy in the organization complexity
in general the higher the level of interdependence required between various parts of the organization, the greater the need for coordinating mechanisms
the management function that matches people with the demands of the organizational structure is called staffing
the human resources or personnel manager would most likely have staff or functional authority for organizational compliance with Food and Drug Administration Rulings
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 bars discrimination in employment based on race color religion sex or national origin
in a large organization, staff specialists familiar with the laws and court decisions on selection, hiring, assignment and promotion would be found in the personnel or human resources department
the qualifications needed by someone to perform a specific job successfully would be detailed in a (the) job specification
the process of studying jobs for the purpose of determining how much money should be paid for performing them is called job evaluation
information about a persons qualifications and aptitude for a job can be obtained from completed employment applications resumes, and standardized tests
in almost every organization the selection process includes one or more interviews
an important consideration in compensation management (or wage and salary administration) is that the employees of the organization view the compensation systems as equitable understandable and related to performance
List a principal employee training method on the job training
most grievance procedures, even under union contracts, attempt to have the grievance resolved with the immediate supervisor
most union contracts provide as the FINAL stage of the grievance procedure arbitration
if an organization wants to select from among non-supervisory positions, the most effective and appropriate selection procedure would be assessment center
an important first or preliminary step before planning and initiating a training program would be a(an) needs assessment
a policy of selection and promotion from within has which of the following as a drawback or disadvantage possible severe restriction on sources of new employees
concern for success as measured by a standard of excellence, preference for immediate concrete feedback and choice of goals intermediate difficulty characterize persons with a high need for achievement
a direct practical application of the Motivator-Hygiene Theory has been job enrichment
when a respected supervisor thanks a subordinate for the accuracy of a report== the "thank you" is positive reinforcement
Alice Smith is a secretary, she used to bring fresh flowers to work every day but no one ever noticed, so after a few months she stopped. this demonstrated the operant conditioning principle of extinction (omission of reinforcement)
according to the expectancy model of motivation if ANY of the elements of valence expectancy or instrumentality is zero effort or motivation will be zero
when one induces others to work toward some objective-- this is one definition of leadership
leadership theories that assert that the same leadership style may be effective in some situations but ineffective in others are known as contingency theories
a leader who consults with subordinates and gets their suggestions when making a decision would be using a ________ type or style of leadership participative
groups that develop naturally in an organization without management having anything to do with it are called informal groups
people work harder or better to achieve goals that are ______ rather that _______ specific general accepted rejected challenging and easy
if a leader has power and influence because he is liked, admired and respected, he is said to have what KIND of power referent
adaptive demands on individuals such as excessive heat or role conflicts are called stressors
the typical behaviors expected of a job-holder are referred to by the term role
the idea that once procedures are established, management should focus on those cases where standards are not being met is called ______ principle exception
according to Douglas McGregor Theory X emphasizes ____ controls while theory Y emphasizes _______ controls external and self
in the graphic method of determining economic order quantity, EOQ is the point at which total costs are lowest
the ABC inventory System focuses attention on those groups of inventory items that are most costly and critical to operations
the use of upper and lower control limits on charts on which are plotted sample averages and ranges would be most associated with statistical process control
a Gantt chart is useful for (and is primarily used for) scheduling
the sequence of activities which requires the largest total time for its completion in a PERT chart is called the critical path
in a PERT or CPM network, activities are to events as a race is to the finish
the income statement for a given year would provide revenue for the year cost of goods sold and total expenses
when we know how to make a decision what procedures to follow and what information will be needed, the decision is said to be ______ and is supported by ______ systems structured and reporting systems
in a bank the cashing of checks and handling of withdrawals and deposits would be processed by transaction processing systems
western bank corporations MIS processes deposit and withdrawal transactions and at the end of each day prints out a report of net increase or decrease in deposits compared to the previous day month and year. in this example deposits and withdrawals are data
well known programming languages include BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN
programs of computer instructions that control the operations performed by the hardware of a computer system are called software
an arithmetic logic unit, a control unit and a memory unit or component would most probably be found in a(an) central processing unit
determining the mix or blend of fertilizer components that would best achieve some objective would be an appropriate application of linear programming
staff specialists in the use of quantitative methods for making management decisions are known as management scientists
Created by: Vanessa.Pappas
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