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Management CLEP

Principles of Management sample questions from CLEP book

The basic functions of management are planning, organizing, staffing (human resources management), directing or leading and controlling
the management function that is concerned with division of work and relationships between people is organizing
almost all authorities would include which of the folowing in their list of FUNCTIONS of management controlling
the management functions include planning, directing, controlling
management was defined as a process
the management process consists of the functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling
time-and-motion studies and the attempt to find the "one best way" to perform manual work are associated with scientific management
the characteristics of bureaucracy as an organizational form or system are described (set forth by) Max Weber
the Hawthorne studies are associated with the behavorial or human relations approach to management
the Hawthorne Studies were conducted at the Western Electric Co. Hawthorne plant near Chicago, IL
the Hawthorne studies are a landmark event in which approach to management behavorial approach
what best approach to management do these statements suggest "everything effects everything else" org. receive inputs from the environment and transform them into outputs to that environment" the systems approach
the idea that there is NOT one best way to manage which applies to all situations characterizes the the contingency approach
the organizations stakeholders would NOT include buildings and equipment
a company which has world headquarters in the netherlands and separate subsidiaries which operate as semi-autonomous businesses in a variety of other countries is often referred to as a(an) multi-national corporation (MNC)
detailed technical and operational planning for the immediate future would be associated with first line management
strategic planning is the responsibility primarily of top management
the term "hierarchy of plans" means that planning proceeds from mission objectives to strategies to operational plans
a statement of required or prohibited behavior (action) is called a rule
policies _____ whereas, rules ______ guide decisions, require or prohibit specific actions
market share, innovation, productivity are three of the eight "key results areas" of Peter Drucker
a budget is or maye be a plan for use of resources, expected results, stated in numbers and used as a control tool
the checklist which aircraft pilots go through prior to takeoff is one form of procedure
decision-making involves choosing among alternatives
in a break-even chart the horizontal axis shows quantity sold
in the Thrombosis supply company the controller is authorized to give dirextions on accounting procedures to the bookkeepers at each of the regional sales offices what kind of authority is involved here functional
the right to act and command is associated with line authority
the right or obligation to give advice and make recommendations but without the right to act or command defines staff authority
classical principles of organization state that final responsibility cannot be delegated, responsibility should equal authority, authority should equal responsibility, and each subordinate should report to only one boss
according to which organizing principle, all activities directed toward the same goal should be under the direction of one person unity of direction
under the functional structure specialists have the benefit of working together, departments tend to lose sight of organization-wide objectives, it is often difficult to get support needed for new products, and duplication of scarce resources is reduced
in the area of the organization of individual jobs or job design, one approach emphasizes increasing the scope or range of the job so that the number of activities of the worker is increased. this approach is called job enlargement
a characteristic of the design of work in henry fords moving assemble line was highly specialized jobs
disadvantages experienced by organizations with extremely high degrees of job specialization include reduced motivation, high turnover (quitting), and high absenteeism
advantages of departmentation on the basis of products include what make growth easier, make coordination between functions easier, and focus on client wants rather than internal to firm
according to Burns and Stalker, compared to "organic" systems, "machanistic" systems seem to be more apporpriate and effective for stable tehnologies and markets
the attempt to reflect the significant investments involved in acquiring, developing, and maintaining the human resources of the firm is the concern of the human asset accounting
what would least likely be a concern to the Human Resources or Personnel Manager Environmental Protection Agency Regulations
a written statement which defines job duties, results expected, and relationships to other jobs is called a job description
a persons qualifications to perform various kinds of work would be found in a(an) personal data sheet
what is not a type of interview technique used in the selection process fictional
the process which describes how well a person is doing a job is called performance appraisal
a type of union that is made up of workers in the same trade or skill such as plumbers or electrictions is called a craft union
the process which tells new employees about the organizations policies, procedures, services, and benefit program is usually called a orientation
training methods used in industry include vestibule, classroom, OJT, apprenticeship
the performance appraisal system which attempts to evaluate performance against actual descriptions of effective of ineffective job behaviors is BARS method
the most important and appropriate device to use to find out if a job applicant has the specific skills and knowledge required to perform the job would be a(an) achievement test
in its broadest sense the management of people so as to achieve objectives is what is involved in directing or leading
a need for control or influence over others or wanting to have an impact of make an impression define the need for power
according to the :aw of Effect, behavior followed by a satisfying state or a reward tends to be repeated
the importance given to leadership in modern management thinking relates back to the Hawthorne Studies
the Ohio State and University of Michigan researches on leadership focused on the leaders education
in the University of Michigan leadership research, the dimensions sudied were called employee centered, and production centered
in terms of frequency of occurrence controls are classified as constant, periodic, occasional
at the opposite end of the continuum from external control would be self control
a work group norm for high levels of production would be an example of what kind of control continuous
an american whose name is associated with Japanese quality control. Quality circles, and statistical process control is W. Edwards Deming
In statistical acceptance sampling, it is generally true that the more certain you want to be that the characteristics of the entire production loat are very similar or identical to those calculated from the sample the larger the sample must be
in quality control of machine gun cartridges, in which cartridges are fired are fired in a machine gun to see if they are good it would make sense to randomly select enough for testing that the probability of having duds in batches accepted is known and is acceptable low
On a Gantt chart the vertical axis would list or show what on the vertical axis and horizontal axis activities, and time
moving from left to right on a PERT chart we go from start of a project to completion of a project
determining the best balance between costs of waiting for service and costs of increasing service facilities would be an appropriate use of Queuing theory
Created by: Vanessa.Pappas
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