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Smith Wordly Wise 15

Smith WW15

disaster extreme destruction or misfortune
flee to dodge or run from
fracture to break or cause to break
immense vast or extremely large
intense existing or behaving to an extreme degree
investigate to search for knowledge or information
lurch to stagger or jerk abruptly and uncontrollably
major most important; greater
minor small; of slight importance
petrify to turn to stone, to paralyze with fear
predict to foresee or foretell future events
prone having a tendency to do or be something
sparse thin or scattered
topple to fall over
urban relating to or located within city
cove a small bay along a shoreline
disgrace a cause of shame
driftwood wood that is floating or washed ashore
flails thrashes or flaps around
host a person who entertains guests
sizzle to make a sound as if frying
Created by: smithnebo