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ccctc test 11 vitami

defenitions for test 11 vitamins

essential food factors, chemicals in nature, present in certain food, can be synthesized. nessecary for normal body functions. many are not produced in the body and must be obtained elsewhere vitamins
accumulate and are stored in fat tissues. excess intake can result in toxicity since accumulation occurs in fat tissue. fat-soluble vitamins
skin and vision vitamin a
calcium regulation, bone formation vitamin d
reproduction and skin vitamin e
blood clotting vitamin k
all others are water soluble does not collect in the fat tissues
what else is vitamin a used for treat acne and wrinkles
trentinoin retin-a
isotrentinoin accutane
soluble in water. excess intake does not usually cause problems since excess amounts are readily excreted water-soluble vitamins
thiamine vitamin b1
uses for thiamine (vitamin b1) evergy production, growth and functioning of nerve tissues, memory and emotional stability
what can a deficiency of thiamine (vitamin b1) cause deficiency can cause beriberi
riboflavin vitamin b2
uses for riboflavin (vitamin b2) energy production, synthesis of fats and amino acids
pyridoxine vitamin b6
uses for pyridoxine (vitamin b6) role in multiplication of all cells especially red blood cells and the cells of immune system. needed to synthesize neurotransmitters.
what drugs cause a deficiency in pyridoxine (vitamin b6) isoniazid, hydralazine, oral contraceptives
cyanocobalamin (vitamin b12) important in carb and fat metabolism. necessary for normal growth and formation of healthy red blood cells. used to treat pernicious anemia
niacin/nicotinic acid implant energy producing reactions involving enzymes. large doses are used to treat elevated cholesterol.
ascorbic acid (vitamin c) essential for tooth and bone formation, healthy gums, formation of collagen, resistance to infections, and wound healing. prevents scurvy. large doses may cause kidney stones
folic acid used to treat megaloblastic anemia
substances necessary for normal body functions minerals
essential for bone and tooth formation. activating and relaxing smooth muscles, nerve impulse transmission calcium
prevention of dental caries flouride
examples of multivitamins with flouride. these products are Rx only/ luride lozi tabs; phos-flur gel-kam; prevident; poly-vi-flor
used as germicides, antiseptics, and dyes iodine
needed for bone, protein, new cells, clotting blood, insulin function magnesium
blood has excess phosphorus
important for water balance, regulating muscle contractions, protein and glycogen synthesis; nerve transmission; this electrolyte can become depleted with the use of diuretics, coffee, and alcohol potassium
an essential element for all animal life (including human) and for some plant species. abundantly found in nature, most commonly known as table salt sodium
important for the formation of blood and oxygen transport. iron
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