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resp 2.3 III

Jeopary questions for EzPAP and IPPB

outcomes for IPPB therapy secretions, improved BS, increase O2, decrease CO2, better ABG, cough
Explanation of IPPB to patient why it's ordered, how it will feel, what is expected
What type of patients do you recommend EzPAP to patients with decrease FRC
contraindications for IPPB facial surgery, hypotension, TE fistula
If Needle lags and drags on inspiratory increase the flow, let machine do work
This control indirectly controls volume patient receives pressure
Physiological effects of IPPB decrease WOB, increase volume tidal, IE ratio, normal ABG
FiO2 will be 40% or greater in air mix mode due to increase in lung compliance, pressure, or flow
Pressure setting for sensitivity -.5 to -2 cmH20
EzPAP outcome decrease atelectasis
Increase pressure, decrease venous return deadspace
Venturi set at 40% when it is pulled out
Flow rate should be 10-15
If patient is not getting enough volume tidal check pressure, flow rate and check for leaks
devices to prevent leaks nose clips, flange mouth clips, form fitting mask
Purpose of EzPAP increase FRC, treat atelectasis
What to monitor for EzPAP BS, vitals, resp pattern, exp pressure
What happens when you increase pressure to normal compliance lung increase volume
Created by: TnJFarrington12