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vocabulary workshop

Level A Unit 4 antonyms

vocabulary wordsantonyms
acquit 1 convict
acquit 2 declare guilty
devastate 1 develope
devastate 2 improve
discredit 1 confirm
discredit 2 corroberate
discredit 3 boister
generate 1 end
generate 2 terminate
generate 3 extinguish
generate 4 stifle
idolize 1 despise
idolize 2 scorn
idolize 3 disdain
idolize 4 detest
ingratitude 1 thankfulness
ingratitude 2 gratefulness
ingratitude 3 recognition
mortal 1 a god
mortal 2 undying
mortal 3 everlasting
mortal 4 eternal
mortal 5 divine
ovation 1 boos
ovation 2 jeers
petty 1 important
petty 2 major
petty 3 significant
petty 4 weighty
repent rejoice over
revocation 1 ratification
revocation 2 confirmation
strand 1 rescue
strand 2 save
strife 1 peace
strife 2 calm
strife 3 harmony
strife 4 agreement
topple 1 remain upright
topple 2 establish
topple 3 set up
Created by: sebbott