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#je$$stack115 term1

#1jess pharm 115 term week 1

ampule small glass container that holds a single dose of medicine
aseptic technique procedures used to eliminate the possibility of a drug becoming contaminated with microbes or particles
celsius system of measuring temperature with 0 degrees being the freezing point and 100 degrees being the boiling point
clean room contained and controlled environment within the pharmacy that has a low level of environmental pollutants
compounded sterile products preparations prepared in a sterile environment using nonsterile ingredients or devices that must be sterilized before administration
fahrenheit system of measuring temperature with 32 degrees being the freezing point and 212 degrees being the boiling point
gauge size of the needle opening
horizontal laminar flow hood environment for the preparation of sterile products where air originating from the back of the hood moves forward across the hood
hyperalimentation parenteral nutrition for persons who are unable to eat solids or liquids
laminar flow hood environment for the preparation of sterile products
international standard time system of time that recognizes a 24-hour notation of hours and minutes
nosocomial infection infection that is obtained after being admitted into an institution
parenteral medication medication that bypasses the digestive system but is intended for systemic action
peripheral parenteral injection of a medication into the veins located on the periphery of the body
precipitate to separate from solution or suspension
reconstitute to add a diluent such as saline or sterile water to a powder
standard operating procedures written guidelines that list specific steps for various competencies
standard precautions set of standards that lowers the possibility of contamination and lowers the risk of transmission of infectious disease
total parenteral nutrition intravenous nutrition administered through a central vein
vertical laminar flow hood environment for the preparation of hazardous agents
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