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psych presentation I

psych presentation II

Good Morning. What I’m about to present to you is a song about a breakup, possibly between a manager and his client, and the man is very hurt.
He tells her look at all I’ve done for you. He feels like he’s being abandoned, and that he deserves better than that. Childishly, he uses his past good deeds to emotionally blackmail her into taking him back.
He shows that he is in denial about her feelings by saying “Don’t you want me? You know I can’t believe it when I hear that you won’t see me.” He is acting irrationally.
He’s upset over the breakup, he’s angry, ego is damaged and he is lashing out at her with threats, to pressure her. “It will be too late,” and “We will both be sorry.” “But don't forget it's me who put you where you are now, I can put you back there too".
He sounds like the selfish, controlling, and possessive type which might be why she now wants to live her own life.
Here are the ABC’s as they relate to the song.
According to the cognitive theory of emotion, the emotional conclusion is the result of the interpretation of the event and not the event itself.
A. The activating event is their breakup.
B. His reaction is negative. He tells himself, I can’t believe it, I don’t deserve this. He feels that she owes him for changing her life. He is irrationally expecting her to change her mind by lashing out and threatening her.
C. In conclusion he’s left feeling hurt, he’s angry, his ego is damaged, and he’s not willing to accept the breakup.
The event (A) was not under his control, she broke up with him. His reaction (B) he could control but he handles it badly. The conclusion (C) is that he is left feeling hurt.
In conclusion, we aren't in control of anyone but ourselves, so it would be a good idea to focus on what you can control in a situation like this.
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