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Study Guide II


Digestion slows down when the sympathetic nervous system is activated True
More blood gets pumped in skeletal muscles during the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system True
Your pupils will dilate to let more light in during sympathetic nervous system True
Epinephrine does NOT stimulate Beta 2 receptors False
Inderal (propranolol) is available in IV and PO forms True
Cardiac glycosides are used to increase the forcefulness of the heart True
The somatic neurons control voluntary actions of the skeletal muscles True
The Somatic Nervous System makes contact with skeletal muscles True
The Autonomic Nervous System makes contact with cardiac and smooth muscles True
Ephedrine is located in the narcotic vault
Beta blockers can pass through the Blood Brain Barrier
An excessive amount of this drug group damage Cranial Nerve VIII (affecting hearing and balance) and the kidney. aminoglycosides
Dr Garcia wants to prescribe to a Beta Blocker for Sandra Bullock. She has asthma. Which classification is the better choice Selective Beta Blockers
Generic drug names ending in -olol are usually beta blockers
The brain and he spinal cord comprise the CNS
Mannitol is stored where in our pharmacy incubator
The thin covering that protects the brain and spinal cord from the bony strutures of the skull and spinal column is the meninges
Most drugs that enter the brain are fat soluble
Beta-2 receptors are found in the lungs
Persons with Parkinson's disease have a low level of dopamine
Beta-1 receptors are found in the heart
Which drug is the most potent beta-adrenergic drug isoproterenol
An enzyme found in the nerve terminals, the brain, and liver. They function to inactivate chemicals. (Ends with ASE) monoamine oxidase (MAO)
A barrier formed by special characteristics of capillaries prevent certain chemicals from moving into the brain blood brain barrier
self-controlling or involuntary autonomic
The equilibrium pertaining to the balance of the body system with respect to fluids, pH,and chemicals homeostasis
pertains to the division of the autonomic nervouse system; it functions during restful situations parasympathetic nervouse system
Parkinson's sinemet
Alzheimer's aricept
Epilepsy Dilantin
Myasthenia gravis Mestinon
Multiple sclerosis Dantrium
What is the drug class for Alzheimer's cholinesterase inhibitors (Aricept)
What is the drug class for Multiple Sclerosis autoimmune stimulants (interferons)
What is the drug class for Parkinson's Dopamine-increasing drugs
What is the drug class for ALS Riluzole
What is the drug class for Epilepsy Anticonvulsants
What can be legally performed by a pharm tech typing up a scrip, translating a scrip
What factors affect the absorbtion of capsules or tablets disinergration, dissolution, degree of GI motility
Inderal (propranolol) has many uses treats angina, lowers blood pressure, helps prevent migraines, treats glaucoma, treats cardiac arrhythmias
Hypertension (high blood pressure) HTN
cream cr
average wholesale price AWP
concentration conc
ointment oint
hydrochlorothiazide HCTZ
with c
left eye os
apply to affected area AAA
nitroglycerin NTG
hydrocortisone HC
capsule cap
acetaminophen APAP
hepato- liver
DAW dispense as written
DS double strenght
gastro- stomach
NKA no known allergies
equivalent for 1 cc 1 mL
Hx history
elix exlixer
gtt drop
-osis condition
-itis inflammation
osteo- bone
right eye od
morning am
hyper- above
twice a day BID
left ear AS
neuro- nerves
-oma tumor
before meals ac
G Gram
right ear AD
each ear AU
DNS do not stock
hype- below
aspirin ASA
gr Grain
NTE do not exceed
How many milliliters contained in 1 oz 30 mL
How many ounces are in one pound 16
How many micrograms are in one milligram 1000
One ounce is equivalent to 30 grams
How many milliliters are in one pint 473 mL
Equivalent for one GRAIN 60 mg
How many grams are contained in one pound 454 G
1000 micrograms is equivalent to 1 milligram
1000 mcg 1 mg
1000 mg 1 G
1000 G 1 kg
ss 1/2
c with
QHS every night
UTI urinary tract infection
s without
p after
H/A headache
DM diabetes mellitus
pc after meals
Ud as directed
DM (robitussin) dextromethorphan
MT muscle tension
ug until gone
QSAD quanity sufficent to make
OA osteoarthritis
NR no refill
Most drugs are excreted by the kidneys
Drugs that end with -statin are usually used to treat high cholesterol
It is for the heart. It increases the forcefulness of the cardiac contraction. Lanoxin
The taking in of a chemical agent across natural barriers in the body system is known as absorption
Which drug is the most potent beta-adrenergic drug isoproterenol
What drug is an anticholinergic drug atropine
What is the benefit of parenteral medications speed of action
The main neurotransmitter for the parasympathetic sytstem is ACh
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