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Golf cart license!

On our way to freedom!

Public safety's number 305-367-4357(remember,four minus one plus two plus two)
What does the left hand signal look lyk? You stick your left arm out strait
What does the right hand signal look like? With your left hand bent towards the sky in a 90 degree angle
What do you do at a stop sign? Slow to a complete stop and give the stop signal beforehand
What should you stop for? Animals,pedestrians,stop signs
How much space should there be between each cart? 3 cart length
How tall do you have to be to obtain a license? 4'9
To drive after dARk what do you have to have? A state drivers license and headlights that can shine 25 feet ahead
Who is responsible when you get in an accident? The parent or grandparent of the driver along with the driver
What should you do after An accident? Call public safety immediately
A child with a restricted license can drive with? A adult over 18 with a license(not sure)
What is the maximum persons allowed on the cart-per seat? Two per bench,1 per seat
When your on a golf art,where should your license be? In your immediate possession,able and ready if needed
If two carts reach a intersection at the same time who has the right of way? The cart on the right(whoever does NOT have a cart to their right Can pass)
Revocation Means that your golf cart privileges have been TERMINATED (Permanently gone!)
Suspension Means that your golf cart driving privileges Has been temporarily withdrawn And the license will be returned at the end of the suspension Period.
Six steps in making a turn at the four way stop 1.make up your mind before you get to the turning point 2.get in the correct lane approaching the turning 3.come to a completed stop 4.give correct turn signal 5.make the turn in the proper lane 6.finish your turn in the proper lane
No cooperation Failing to surrender a suspended license will have his/her Suspension period doubled.
Created by: Linakittens