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vocabulary workshop

Level A Unit 4 synonyms

vocabulary wordsynonyms
acquit 1 exonerate
acquit 2 dismiss
deem 1 judge
deem 2 regard
devastate 1 wreck
devastate 2 desolate
discredit disparage
elusive 1 slippery
elusive 2 wily
elusive 3 fleeting
elusive 4 puzzling
elusive 5 baffling
generate 1 create
generate 2 produce
generate 3 beget
generate 4 cause
idolize 1 adore
idolize 2 revere
ingratitude 1 thanklessness
ingratitude 2 ungratefulness
keepsake 1 reminder
keepsake 2 memento
mortal 1 human
mortal 2 fleeting
mortal 3 extreme
ovation 1 cheers
ovation 2 bravos
ovation 3 hurrahs
petty 1 insignificant
petty 2 piddling
repent regret
reverie 1 fantasy
reverie 2 meditation
revocation 1 repeal
revocation 2 withdrawal
scan 1 study
scan 2 glance at
scan 3 skim
scan 4 survey
strand 1 fiber
strand 2 thread
strand 3 abandon
strand 4 maroon
strife 1 conflict
strife 2 discord
strife 3 turmoil
topple 1 unseat
topple 2 upset
topple 3 tumble
Created by: sebbott