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RADT 456 Image Acqu

AART reg review

Define the term recorded detail refers to the sharpness of the structural detail borders 298
Misrepresentation of the actual size or shape is called _______? distortion pg 299
T or F? Density and fog have no effect on how sharply an image detail is rendered? True pg 299
which has a greater impact on recorded detail if changed? SID or OID? changes in OID have a greater impact on detail pg 301
Structures farther from the IR will be distoted or _________ more than thoes closer th the IR magnified pg 303
If a linear structure is angled within the body, that is, not parallel with the long axis of the body and not parallel to the IR, that anatomic structure will be ___________? Foreshortened pg 303
This occurs when the x-ray tube is angled? Elongation pg 303
Localized melting of the target material, and anoded ______ and/or cracking can occur more easily. Pitting pg 306
What are the two best methods to minimizing voluntary motion? Good communication and suspended respiration pg 309
At least a _______% change must be made in mAs for there to be a perceptible change in radiographic density 30 pg 318
If you want to double the density, yet it is impossible to adjust the mAs, a similar effect can be done how? By increasing the kV by 15% pg 320
List the 5 common grid errors. angulation error, off-level error, off-focus error, off-center error, and upside-down grid pg 325
What are the grid ratios for a 5:1 grid, 8:1 grid, and a 16:1 grid? 2, 4, and 6 pg 327
What is the single most important way to decrease scatter radiation? collimation pg 329
If a patient has any of the following disease, would you increase or decrease your technique? Ascites, congestive heart failure, paget disease You would increase your technique to compensate for the additive pathologies pg 333
Optical density increase as developer temperature ________ increase pg 339
__________ is the result of differential absorption of x-rays by body tissues having different attenuation coefficients Subject contrast pg 340
T or F? Scatted radiation carries useful information and adds noise that impairs visibility of image detail? False- scatter radiation carries no useful info and does add noise to the image pg 346
In regards to the PSP, why is cesium iodide needle shaped or columnar? that way it has a better advantage of better x-ray absorption and less light diffusion ph 358
name the order of the PSP as the x-ray hits the imaging plate protective layer, barium fluorohalide layer, reflective layer, base, antistatic layer, and then lead foil backing pg 358
What is the latent image and manifest image? Latent image is the unprocessed image, where the manifest image is the processed image that comes up on the screen pg 359
What is the purpose of a PMT or photodiode (PD) It is used to detect the PSL and convert it to electrical signals pg 360
T or F? DR exposures can be lower because of the detector's higher DQE? True pg 363
Compare the terms given to CR/DR imaging terminology? Density, recorded detail, and latitude? brightness, SNR, and dynamic range pg 363
T or F? Softwear processing algorithms control digital image brightness? True pg 366
MTF is used to describe ____ _______; SNR is used to describe _____ ______ Spatial resolution ; contrast resolution pg 367
in CR and DR, x-rays are converted to light and then to a ________ electrical signal pg 367
T or F? spatial resolution of direct digital systems is fixed and is not related to the detector element DEL size of the TFT? False - spatial resolution is related to the detector element DEL size pg 367
CR image ________ can occur if there is a delay in reading/processing the PSP/SPS Fading pg 367
In film processing, describe what the developer and wash do? Developer reduces the exposed silver bromide to black metalic silver and the wash removes processing chemicals and permits archival quality pg 386
List the order of the processing chemicals developer, fixer, wash, and dryer pg 387
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