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RADT 456 Rad Pro

ARRT registry review covering radiographic procedures

Which body habitus is defined as an average athletic build? Sthenic pg. 81
The anterosuperior iliac spine (ASIS) is located at which vertebrae level? S1-S2 pg. 81
What are six different types of diarthrotic joints? gliding, pivot, hinge, ball and socket, condyloid, and saddle pg. 93
T/F Located on the proximal end of the ulna, there are two processes called the coracoid process and the olecranon process. False, coronoid process pg. 96
Which type of fracture is of the distal radius and is usually a result of a fall onto an outstretched hand with the arm extended? Colles fracture pg. 97
What is the best way to control voluntary motion? Good communication/ careful explanation pg. 87,89
What are the two types of osseous (bone) tissue? Cancellous (spongy) and compact (cortical, hard) pg. 91
T/F Patients who are considered to have an asthenic body habitus, have a stomach that is situated higher in the abdomen? False, Hypersthenic patients have transverse stomachs and hyposthenic have stomachs situated higher pg. 78
The sternal angle is located at which vertebrae level? T4-T5 pg.81
What is an example of a synarthrotic joint of which is considered immovable? Sutures of the cranium pg. 91
T/F On a 90 degree lateral projection of the elbow the anterior and supinator fat pads are both demonstrated. True pg. 99
What is the name of the small notch located on the femoral head where ligaments attach? Fovea capitis femoris pg. 113
The Latin word "basin" stands for what? Pelvis pg. 115
What type of curve do the cervical and lumbar regions form? Lordotic (convex anteriorly)pg. 133
How much of a degree angulation is used when performing an AP axial view of the sacroiliac joints? 30-35 degrees cephalad pg. 128
What bone of the foot is considered the largest tarsal? Calcaneus pg. 109
What type of fracture is of the proximal third of the ulnar shaft with anterior dislocation of the radial head? Monteggia pg. 132
What type of curve do the thoracic and sacral regions form? Kyphotic (convex posteriorly) pg. 133
The vertebral column is comprised of how many bones? 33 pg. 133
What type of fracture is composed of several fragments? Comminuted pg. 131
The name of the secondary ossification center is known as what? Epiphysis pg. 94
Which position best demonstrates a frontal view of the sternum? RAO pg. 42 Q&A
When blood leaves the left ventricle, it flows in what path? Arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, veins pg. 68 Q&A
What condition is defined as the breakdown of the pars interarticularis? Spondylolysis pg. 87 Q&A
When placing a patient in an LPO position during a barium study, what structure is best demonstrated? Hepatic flexure pg. 64,111 Q&A
Which position would place the left kidney parallel to the IR? RPO pg. 88 Q&A
At what location do the arteries and veins enter and exit the medial aspect of each lung? Hilum pg. 108 Q&A
What bones comprise the floor of the cranium? Two temporal bones, the ethmoid, and the sphenoid pg. 45 Q&A
What type of cancerous bone tumor occurs in children and young adults and arises from bone marrow? Ewings Sarcoma pg. 61 Q&A
What positions demonstrate the sphenoid sinuses? Modified waters (open mouth) and lateral pg. 51,99 Q&A
T/F Internal rotation of the shoulder demonstrates the lesser tubercle in profile medially and places the humerus in a true lateral. True pg. 102 Q&A
Which term refers to drooping or downward displacement of the kidneys? Nephroptosis pg. 101 Q&A
Created by: Almehringer