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Psyc 3331 Exam 2

Multi Choice

Which sex increases in gender flexibility during adolescence? Girls tend to be more flexible than boys in their preferences for engaging in gender-typical or gender-atypical behavior as well as in their standards for the behavior of others. (pg. 157)
Fagot, Linebeck, and O’boyle - Study - What did they find in mothers who did gender type play activities? (“Hi, son, here’s a gun; my cute little daughter; here’s a doll”) Toddlers and preschoolers demonstrated a more pronounced tendency to discriminate nonhuman items in gender-stereotyped ways.
How do parents contribute to gender differences in children? Even at pregnancy gender expectations and assignments can be set in motion. Fathers tend to stereotype their children more according to gender even from infancy.
How is sexism apparent in the English language regarding women? Linguistic sexism- perpetuation and reinforcement of sexist ideology through the content of a language English tends to ignore women by extending male terms to refer to humans as a whole.
At what age do children obey their same-sex parents? Toddlers at the age of 1 (pg. 153)
According to the American Association of University Women study, what was found regarding single sex education? Girls did not attain measurably better skills in math and science, however, many did report having greater confidence and better attitudes about these subjects.
Regarding family & financial needs, what do contemporary adolescent women expect? Women expect men to provide a decent living for their families, while the home is considered the women’s responsibility, in spite of the fact that economic necessity has forced a large percentage of working-class women to seek employment. (pg. 178)
What are the favorite fairy tales in childhood of men(doesn’t say) and women? Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.
How do fathers perpetuate gender roles? Fathers tend to stereotype gender roles from infancy and continues through childhood, they spend more time and give more love/attention to sons, fathers reinforce gender roles with physical activity and reward girls for positive/compliant behavior and boy
How do westerners judge who is more intelligent -- is it nature or nurture? Nature
What did Thorndike say about educating women? He concluded that it was useless to waste educational resources to bring women into the ranks of the intellectual elite and women should study to become nurses and teachers where the “average level is essential”.
What did researchers discover in comparisons of men and women? There are no overall sex differences in general or global intelligence.
What is the largest remaining gender difference in verbal ability? Verbal fluency (phonological retrieval) and writing ability.
How do teachers see boys’ and girls’ academic success -- as ability or hard work? Boys=Ability and Girls=Hard work
What are the major reasons for dual earners? To sustain a desirable standard of living. Also for the potential for a family lifestyle that models cooperation among all its members in maintaining a household.
What is the ostrich effect? Sex bias is agreed to operate in society, “but not for me”.
What is aversive sexism? Occupational gender stereotypes - Both sexes have a negative view on their genders taking non-traditional career roles (i.e. female doctor/engineer, male nurse)
What is occupational segregation? Occurs when specific occupations are overwhelmingly either female or male.
Why does Hochschild say some workers want to spend more time at work? A cultural reversal was under way in which the workplace and the home traded roles, with work serving as a retreat from pressures at home. Employees also expect that more emotional support will come from work versus home.
What is Heilman’s "lack-of-fit” model? Postulates that gender biases stem largely from an incongruity between an applicant’s perceived attributes and the requirements of the position.
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