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Hudson/King And Then

Vocabulary Ch. 1-8

inquest an investigation or examination
deportment conduct/behavior
aura distinctive quality of character, atmosphere
gramophone phonograph (record player)
ruminated to meditate or muse; ponder
squall sudden violent wind, often accompanied by rain, sleet, or snow
surreptitious obtained, done, or made in secret
malevolence wishing evil or harm to others
evasive trying to escape or avoid something
indictments formal accusation
disembodied to get rid of or free a soul/spirit of a body
epistolary carried on by letters
exonerated to clear from accusation, guilt, or blame
asphyxiation to cause to die or lose consciousness by imparing normal breathing; choke; suffocate
inert having no inherent power of action (no ability to react)
unwieldy not easily handled or managed in use
desultory lacking in purpose, method, or consistancy; disconnected
solicitude deep concern
obliquely slanting, sloping; not straight forward
balmy mild and refreshing; soft soothing; crazy
acquiesced comply silently or without protest
stiletto a short dagger with a slender, tapered blade
admonitory warning
Created by: hudsonlb
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