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Chap.14:Elements and Conventions of Drama

Reversal : A situation in the climax of the plot that turns out the opposite of what the character expects, and in the falling action, often comes to a profound realization about the mistake or flaw that led to the tragic outcome.
Catharsis : A great release of emotion.
Synecdoche : A figure of speech in which a part of an object or person is used to stand for the whole object or person.
Hamartia : a mistake error in judgment or character flaw.
Scene : One section within an act in a play.
Pantomime : A form of acting that relies on facial expressions and gestures, rather than speech, to convey meaning.
Blocking : The process of determining the placement and movement of characters on stage.
Act : One main organizational section of a drama.
Suspense : A feeling of anxiety, excitement, and anticipation that keeps audiences and readers engaged and interested in a performance or literary work.
Suspension of disbelief : When an audience becomes so involved that they respond emotionally to events on stage. The audience reacts as if it were real.
Conflict : helps us maintain our suspension of disbelief. Essential element of drama; it sets the plot in motion and engages our interest until it is resolved one way or another.
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