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Risk Management

Risk Management PowerPoint

What is risk management? Defined as the process of identifying the liability risks & determining ways to reduce them; a continuous dynamic process that should be ongoing in one's career
Goals of Risk Management Avoid causing incidents; Decrease liability when an incident does occur; Improve quality of care by ensuring review of incident reports & implementation of appropriate remedial actions
What's involved with risk management? Understand basic legal concepts; Comply w/ laws, regs, ethics, professional standards; Know, respect, & support rights & responsibilities of others; Recognize when to refer/consult; Take responsible actions if an unusual occurrence happens
What's involved with risk management? Advocate for change; Conduct oneself in ways that exemplify quality to others; Assess needs for & acquire adequate liability insurance
Risk Management Process ID common primary allegations & injuries that occur in PT; ID different situations that occur in practice that could lead to allegations/injuries; ID improvements
Student Risk Management Resolve/report problems to CI; Don't perform outside skill; If incident occurs be calm, cool, professional, immediately fill out incident report; Listen to pts; Inform before performing; Safety first; Respect rights & privacy of pts
Effective Communication Poor communication is frequently sited as one of the most common causes of a pt suing
Poor Communication can be... Lack of rapport; Unmet expectations (pt & family); Lack kof rapport b/t pt & support/office staff; Lack of/inadequate communications w/ referring MD; Lack of adequate documentation
Minimizing Unmet Pt/Family Expectations Know expectations at beginning; Don't oversell your abilities; Inform pt with info & let them help make rx decisions; Communicate any changes in POC &/or expected outcomes
Minimizing Unmet Pt/Family Expectations Accept only pts that are appropriate for your clinical skills; Prepare educational material to accommodate different learning styles
Good Rapport w/ Referring MDs Communicate proactively when you observe poor response to intervention or when suspecting emergency situation/red flags; when in doubt, ASK!
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