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Study Guide 1


In the state of California there is no sales tax on prescriptions True
Ear preparations are safe to use in the eyes False
Otic preparations are not necessarily sterile because they treat the ear canal and do not penetrate a sterile environment True
Patches are used because they are easily administered and may reduce possible upset stomach True
Alcohol usually covers up the bad taste of the drug True
Creams are thinner than ointment because their base contains more water True
Eye medications can be used in the ear True
Fillers are used to fill space or cover the tablet True
Many drugs travel into the liver before they have a chance to be absorbed into the whole system True
All suppositorties are stored in the refrig False
Eye medications must be sterile True
The main difference between capsules and caplets is the shape False
Tablets are enteric coated to help protect the drug from dissolving in the stomach False
It is the pharmacist's decision as to which auxiliary labels should be placed on a prescription True
Only a pharmacist can get authorization for prescriptions with no refills False
Inhalers that are aerosols need to be shaken before using True
Drug powders wehich have been compressed into a convenient form for swallowing are called tablets True
A solution of water and sugar to which a drug is added is called a syrup True
A liquid that contains soluble matter is known as a solution True
A liquid that contains insoluble matter is know as a suspension True
Therapeutic equivalency indicates that two drugs have exactly the same amount of active indgredient False
The FDA is responsible for food and drug safety True
Blocking drugs are referred to as agonist False
Therapeutic effect is the drugs intended or main effect True
A drug is any substance or combination of substances that when administered to living organisms produces a change in function True
Much of the terminology in pharmacy and medicine comes from the Latin and English languages False---Latin and Greek
Fillers are used to fill space or to cover the tablet True
Tablets are enteric coated to help protect the drug from dissolving in the intestines False
Spansules are capsules taht can be pulled apart to sprinkle the medication onto food False
The main difference between capsules and caplets is the shape Fales
Eye medication can be used in the ear True
Prescriptions are usually filed by Prescription number
A new mom warms the otic drops to body temp before adminstering the ear drops to her son. Why? helps prevent pain and dizziness
Most drugs are metabolized by the liver
All prescriptions must be kept on file for a min of 3 years
Most drugs are excreted by the kidneys
A liquid drug inside a soft gelatin shell is a capsule
Which can only performed by a pharmacist counseling the customer
____ is the process whereby a drug enters the circulatory system absorbtion
The max amount for an IM injection in the gluteus maximus for an adult 5 mL
The max amount for an IM injection in the deltoid for an adult 2 mL
Ecotrin is enteric-coated aspirin. Where does it dissolve small instestine
What type of dosage form is meant to slowly dissolve in the mouth troche
What is the life of the drug, which includes absorption, metabolism, distribution, and excretion Pharmacokinetics
Drugs that end with -statin are usually used to treat high choloesterol
What does RX mean prescription, pharmacy, take thou
Shake Well Before Using Sticker applies too emulsions, aerosols, suspensions, inhalents
The degree to which a drug becomes available to the target tissue after administration is referred to as bioavailability
The LAST phase of pharmacokinetics is excretion and elimination
Which drug is most likely be stored in the refrig suppositories
Agonists have action
Antagonist have no action but blocks the receptor site
ADME absorbtion, distribution, metabolism, elimination
Which process involves bringing a drug to its sites of action distribution
The first set of numbers in the NDC number represents manufacturer
The middle set of numbers in the NDC number identifies the drug
Write the equivalent for 1 pint 473 mL
Write the equivalent for 1 kilogram 1000 g
Write the equivalent for 1 pound 454 G
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