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Anti-Cancer Meds

cyclophosphamide/ Cytoxan Alkylating (Nitrogen Mustard) damages DNA, prevents cell replication used to tx: breast, lung, ovarian CA's, hodgkin's, leukemia, lymphoma SE: N&V, stomatitis,alopecia,bone marrow supp, decrease WBC,RBC,platelets, hemorrhagic cystitis avoid citric aci
Cisplatin/ Platinol alkylating like platinum compound used to tx: ovarian & testicular CA SE: N&V, stomatitis,alopecia, bone marrow supp., decrease WBC,RBC,platlets. peripheral neuropathy, ototoxcity, blurred vision
methotrexate/ Rheumatrex Antimetabolite (blocks folic acid) interferes at S phase used for solid tumors, sarcomas, leukemia,choricarcinoma make sure pt is well hydrated SE: N&V, stomatitis, alopecia, bone marrow supp, GI ulceration, lung fibrosis, nephrotoxicity
doxorubicin/ Adriamycin antiumor antibotic used in combo w/ other drugs for tx of breast, ovarie, lung, and bladder CA, leukemia, and lymphomas Max lifetime dose: 550 mg urine red to pink color adverse:cardiotoxicity, hyperpigmentation
Vincristine/ Oncovin mitotic inhibitor:vinca alkyloid bone marrow sparing used to tx: leukemia, hodgkins, ewing sarcoma, brain tumors, thyroid cancer, wilm's tumor SE: peripheral nero, loss of deep tendon reflexes,constpation, hypotension, alopecia, muscle weakness, N&V
imatinib/ Gleeves Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor tx of leukemia& myelodysplastic syndrome SE: h/a, difficulty sleeping, N&V, upset stomach, severe neutropenia, liver & kidney impairement, edema, myalgia take w/ meal or water to minimize gastric irritation
etoposide/ VePesid Podophyllotoxin for tx of testicular cancer and small cell lung cancer interrupts cell cycle, blocks growth & Division signals give slow over 30-60 mins can cause hypotension SE: N&V, stomatitis, alopecia, bone marrow supp. weakness
trastuzumab/ Herceptin Epidermal Growth Factor/Receptor Inhibitors for tx of breast CA in tumors that overexpress HER2 SE: cardiomyopathy, pain, asthenia, fever, chills,loss of appetite, h/a muscle aches, hypersensitvity reactions do NOT give IV push or as a bolus
bevacizumab/ Avastin Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor/ receptor inhibitor inhibits angiogensis so decreases blood supply to tumor SE: G.I perforations, impaired wound healing, hypertension, hematopietic suppression, proteinuria should not be given within 28 days of surge
dexamthasone/ Decadron corticosteriod: tx of lymphoma & leukemia; also used prior to other chemos to decrease sensitivity reactions decrease N&V, stimulatesappetite, reduces swelling SE: risk for infections, GI ulcers, osteoporsis, hyperglycemia, fragile skin
leuprolide/ Lupron gonadotropin releasing hormone used for CA of prostate,advanced postmenusal breast cancers, endometriosis SE: in men ^ in testosterone intially w/ ^ of cancer S/S then decrease testostrone prod. may cause bone pain, urinary obstruction, osteoporsis
tamoxifen/ Nolvadex estrogen blocker used for breast CA when the tumor is estrogen receptor positive SE: N&V, hot flashes,weight gain, irreulgar periods, increase risk of uterine cancer
interferon alfa/ intron A immunostimulant fot tx of some blood CAs& solid tumors, soem viruses Hep B&C SE: flu like S/S, weight loss, bone marrow supp. w/ extended use monitor CBC levels
epoetin alfa/ Epogen stimulates RBC production to tx anemia secondary to CRF and chemo SE: hypertension, edema, shortness of breath, seizures, hyperkalemia, joint aches, H/A, MI, stroke if hemoglobin is greater than 12
filgrastin/ Neupogen stimulates WBC productionto decrease incidence of infection in pts. receiving chemo SE: N&V, bone pain, alopecia, sore throat, constipation, neutropenia, dyspnea, leukocytosis
aprepitant/ Emend antiemetic: prevention of acute and delayed CINV PO: adminstered prior to chemo and days following SE: dizzinessm weakness, diarrhea
ondansetron/ Zofran Serotonin Receptor Antagonists antiemetic to prevent acute & delayed N&V associated w/ chemo also used for post op N&V give prior and hours following chemo SE: h/a, dizziness, diarrhea
dronabonol/ Marinol Cannabinoids; antiemetic for CINV also can be a appetite stimulant for AIDS taken before and 24 hrs after chemo SE: drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, impaired thinking and euphoria
oxycodone/ Oxycontin opioid analegesic, slow release q 12 hrs around the clock dosing Schedule II SE; constipation, respiratory depressiom if R<10/min assess level of sedation
fentanyl/ Duragesic opioid analgesic tx of eevere pain transdermal patch form should be changed every 72 hrs. SChedule II Se; constipation, respiratory depression
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