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EDIT 202

EDIT 202

Access Copyright Canadian not-for-profit copyright collective that collects revenues from Canadian institutions and distributes them to the rightsholders of copyrighted works
copyright exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish and sell a work
intellectual property property that does not exist in physical form but is still subject to ownership rights by the creator of the idea
royalty a portion of sales to which the owner of the intellectual property is paid
trade-mark used to distinguish services and products of a company or person
public domain distinguishes property that an be used and reproduced by anyone without restriction (usually after copyright expires)
moral rights rights of an author or creator regardless of who owns the copyright. Moral rights include rights of paternity, integrity and association.
performing rights the rights to any recording or broadcasting of a performance belong to the performer
plagiarism the wrongful appropriation of someone else's intellectual property as your own
fair dealing allows the use of copyrighted material for research, private use, criticism and reporting as long as the source of the material is mentioned
patent protects inventions including processes, equipment and techniques, but does not cover aesthetic qualities. Unlike copyright, a patent must be applied for.
blanket license a broad coverage license that allows media and business to broadcast a large repertoire under one license
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