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Amoxicillin/ Amoxil Broad-spectrum pencillin tx: respiratory tract infection, UTI, otitis media, & sinusitis SE: diarrhea, edema, stomatis, respiratory distress,rash Contraindications: allergy to penicillin & severe renal disorders Monitor serum BUN and creatinine
Ceftriaxone/ Rocephin 3rd generation cephalosporin broad spectrum bactericidal effective against gram negative bacteria Neisseria and gonococcal infections and in the treatment of lyme disease SE: diarrhea, increase risk of C.diff, allergic reaction, nephrotoxicity
Erythromycin/ E-mycin Macrolide: bacteriostatic inhibits protein synthesis Take w/ food used to tx: respiratory tract, H.Pylori in combo w/ other meds, impetigo, STD's, mycoplasmal pneumonia, legionaire's disease, Pertussis' Good choice for pt's w/ renal insufficiency
Vancomycin/ Vancocin Glycopeptides: Bactericidal inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis Used for C.diff, MRSA Monitor peak and trough levels SE: nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity, hypotension, neutropenia, tingling Red man syndrome-red blotching of face, neck, chest= T
Tetracycline HCI/ Sumycin Tetracyclines- bacteriostatic inhibits bacterial protein synthesis used to treat respiratory and ance take on empty stomach: not for prego or children under 8 SE: staining teeth, photosensitivity, nephrotoxcity Keep away from heat& light, ch
gentamicin/ Garamycin aminoglycoside: bactericidal tx: E-coli, MRSA, pseudomonas, pelvic inflammatory diease SE: photosensitivity, tinnitus, tremors, ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity, liver damage monitor peak and trough levels Do not mix with PCN or Ceph's
Ciprofloxacin/ Cipro fluorquinolones: broad spectrum bactericidal interferes w/ the enzyme DNA gyrase use for tx of: UTI's lower respiratory tract infections, skin, soft tissue, bone, and joint infections SE: diarrhea. C.Diff, rash, photosensitivity, confusion in elde
TMP-SMZ/ Bactrim, Septra Sulfonamide:broad spectrum bacteriostatic &bactericidal Inhibits folic acid synthesis Uses: UTI's, otitis media, gonorrhea, prostatitis, intestinal, lower resp. infections SE: depression, vertigo, bone marrow depression, renal failure, steven johnson
izonazid/ INH antitubercular: bactericidal; inhibits tubercule cell wall synthesis and blocks vitamin B6: 1st line drug for TB used for prophylaxis and tx. SE: peripheral neuro., hepatoxicity, dry mouth, photo., DO NOT take with food, take B6 vitamin; 1: 2 mths 2:
rifampin/Rifadin antitubercular: broad specturm bactericidal given w/ other antituberculars for tx of TB SE: rash, orange urine and contacts, Monitor liver enzymes
fluconazole/ Diflucan Azole Anti-fungal: broad spectrum used to tx: candida & cryptoccal meningitis Thrush and yeast actionL weakens cell wall SE: rash, burning, stomach cramps, H/A available: PO, IV, topically
nystatin/ Mycostatin Polyene anti-fungal: for tx of local candidasis Swish and swallow SE: diarrhea, Nausea, mild stomach upset
metronidazole/ Flagyl Antibacterial and antiprotozoan; tx for: C.diff, trichomonas, GI infections may leave metallic taste SE: rash, dark urine, H/A, dry mouth DO NOT USE ALCOHOL within 48 hrs of taking
acyclovir/ Zovirax Antiviral: tx for herpes/Varicellia infections/zoster/shing;es helps w S/S rather than curing SE: rash, H/A, bone marrow supp., anemia, N&V, can cause crystalluria when given IV
Nitrofurandantion/ Macrodantin broad spectrum urinary antiseptic, Bacteriostatic & bactericidal tx: acute lower UTI& prophylaxis for recurrent UTI's; give w/ food, rinse mouth can cause staining SE: dark urine, rash, H/A, dizziness, Peripheral neuropathy
gamma globulin Immune globulin: preformed antibodies; provide for passive immunity given during early stage of illness to prevent a viral invasion of body. IM or IV; single dose last for 2-3 wks
Hib vaccine/ ActHIB immunizing agent against bacterial H flu: haemophilus prevents meningtis, pneumonia, epiglottis. recommended for children under 5 vaccines start at 2 mths, 4mths, 6mths and booster between 12mths-15mths
pneumococcal vac/ Prevnar, Pneumovax immunizing agent against pneumococcal pneumonia recommended for children under 2 and certain highigh risk adults: IM
influenza vaccine/ Fluvirin; Flumist immunizing agent against yearly flu strain inactivated viral (IM) live attenuated viral )intranasal) Contraindication: those allegric to egg proteins and people w/ a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome
RhoD immune globulin/ RhoGAM Immune globulin; acts as a immunosuppressant Artifically aquired used to suppress immune response of RH neg mother to Rh poss fetal blood given at 28 weeks gestation and within 72 hours of birth.
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