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Copyright Definition

definitions of copyright terms with a Canadian context

Access Copyright - agency that provides copyright services that help to facilitate the relationship between the person who needs the copyright material, and the person how owns the copyright. - they simplify the process - facilitate the payment the needs to exchange han
Copyright - property right - items that are intangible, example song lyrics - need to register your copyright - owner can decide how their "property" is replicated/reproduced
Intellectual Property - intangible objects, such as ideas, writings, lyrics, poetry - property of owner -
Royalty - a commission-type payment made to copyright owners to use their work
Trade-Marks - good and services distinguishable from others - can't copy other peoples products, tag lines, product packaging such as their design for a vacuum. - word or design or both
Public Domains - belong to the public - free - certain pieces of information fall into the public domain: ideas and facts themselves, and expired copyright
Moral Rights - rights held by the author to be associated with their work by having their name included. - can remain anonymous if they like or use a pseudonym - author can waive these right
Performing Rights - deals with performing music in public - those who create the music receive royalties when some performs their work
Plagiarism - claiming another person's work as your own, a part of their work, or paraphrasing their work - not properly citing another person's work
Fair Dealing - allows copying of certain materials for non-commerical use - two criteria test: what is the purpose? Need to consider 6 criteria - purpose, character, amount, alternatives, nature, and effect on work.
Patent -protects new innovative inventions, such as the formula for a certain prescription drugs - protects more of the underlying basis for a product as opposed to the design of the bag it comes in, for example - provided by the government
Blanket License - relate to playing music - allowing people who have purchase a license to play all of the music as much as they like. - example in Canada would be SOCAN
Created by: DanielleGal33