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RADT456 Image Aqu.

Image Aquisition

IR's impact on recorded detail in CR/DR is ______ _______. Spatial Resolution
True or False? Density and fog have no effect on how sharply an image detail is rendered. True
True or False? OID has a much greater effect on magnification than SID. True
True or False? Intensifying screens are a component of digital imagaing? False
Lingereing luminescence after the termination of x-ray. Afterglow
Evaluation of intensifying screens includes a ____ _____. Wire mesh
Amount of blackening on an x-ray image. Density
1.Angulation Error 2.Off-Level Error 3.Off-Focus Error 4.Off-Center Error 5.Upside-Down Grid Types of Grid Errors
Grid Conversion Factor for Grid Ratios 5:1 2
Grid Conversion Factor for Grid Ratios 6:1 3
Grid Conversion Factor for Grid Ratios No Grid 1
Grid Conversion Factor for Grid Ratios 16:1 6
Grid Conversion Factor for Grid Ratios 8:1 4
Grid Conversion Factor for Grid Ratios 10 or 12:1 5
Removal of diagnostically useless x-ray photons that contribute only to patient skin dose. Filtration
Provides more uniform radiographic density. Compensating Filter
High contrast is _____-scale contrast. Short
Low contrast is ______-scale contrast. Long
Name the 2 types of AECs. Phototimer and Ionization Chamber
Solid state detector plates as the x-ray image receptor. Digital Radiography (DR)
Delay is reading the PSP can cause ______ _____. Image Fading
IPs are _____ sensitive to x-ray fog. Very
A graphic representation of pixel value distribution. Histogram
True or False The IPs (image plates) need not be light-tight because the PSP inside is not light sensitive. True
Too low developer temp., Excessive dilution of developer -can cause? Inadequate density (processor related)
Dryer temp. is usually ___degrees? 120-130
Film Processing Steps ____, ____, _____, _____ Developer, Fixer, Wash, Dryer
The ______ functions to convert the latent image into the manifest silver image. Developer
The ____ is to clear the film of the unexposed, undeveloped silver bromide grains. Fixer
The _____ rids the film of residual chemicals. Wash
The _____ removes water from film, and shrinks and dries the emulsion. Dryer
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