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vocabulary workshop

Level A Unit 10

vocabulary wordmeaning
abominable 1 arousing hate
abominable 2 disgusting, detestable
bumbling 1 blundering and awkward
bumbling 2 clumsiness
consequesnce 1 a result, effect
consequesnce 2 importance
delude 1 to fool, deceive
delude 2 to misslead utterly
dole 1 to give out in small amounts
dole 2 money, food, or other necessities given as charity
dole 3 a small portion
engulf to swallow up, overwhelm, consume
foil 1 to defeat
foil 2 to keep from gaining some end
foil 3 a thin sheet of metal
foil 4 a light fencing sword
foil 5 a person or thing serving as a contrast to another
formulate 1 to express definitely or systematically
formulate 2 to devise, invent
formulate 3 to state as a formula
initiative 1 the taking of the first step or move
initiative 2 the ability to act without being directed or urged from the outside
memento something that serves as a reminder
nonconformist 1 a person who refuses to follow established ideas or ways of doing things
nonconformist 2 of or relating to the unconventional
null and void 1 without legal force or effect
null and void 2 no longer binding
panarama 1 a wide, unobstructed view of an area
panarama 2 a complete survey of a subject
panarama 3 a continuously passing or changing scene
panarama 4 a range or spectrum
posterity 1 all of a person's offspring, decendents
posterity 2 all future generations
pry 1 to pull loose by force
pry 2 to look at closely or inquisitively
pry 3 to be nosey about something
refurbish 1 to brighten, freshen, or polish
refurbish 2 to restore or improve
resourceful 1 able to deal promptly and effectively with all sorts of problems
resourceful 2 clever in finding ways and means of getting along
rigorous 1 severe, harsh, strict
rigorous 2 thoroughly logical
subsequent 1 coming after
subsequent 2 following in time, place, or order
unerring making no mistakes, faultless, completely acurate
Created by: sebbott