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RADT 456 Rad. Pro.

Radiation Procedures

True or False The posterior fatpad can be visualized on all elbow radiographs. False pg. 82
Is the ilium more horizontal in the male or female pelvis? Female pg. 83
What two articulations form the ankle mortise? talotibial and talofibular articulations pg. 85
What is the single best projection for facial bones? Parietoacantial projection pg. 86
What condition refers to degenerative changes occuring in the vertebra? Spondylosis pg. 87
What is the only artery to carry deoxygenated blood? pulmonary artery pg. 87
Blood passes from the right atrium into the right ventricle through which valve? tricuspid valve pg. 87
In the RPO position which kidney is placed parallel to the IR? left kidney pg. 88
During a knee exam how much and which direction do you project the CR if the distance from ASIS to tabletop is greater than 24 cm? 3-5 degrees cephalad pg. 89
In what position are the apophyseal joints visualized on the lumbar spine? oblique position pg. 90
True of False The sphenoid bone is a facial bone? False it is a cranial bone pg. 90
What is the most abundant type of bone marrow in the body? yellow pg. 92
The hip joint is located midway between which two points? ASIS and symphysis pubis pg. 93
When imaging the clavicle in an AP recumbent position how much anglulation and which direction should the CR be placed? 15-30 degrees cephalad pg. 94
What are the four sutures of the cranium? sagittal, coronal, lambdoidal, and squammosal pg. 95
Gout occurs when high levels of what are deposited in the joint? uric acid pg. 97
What is the hindbrain composed of? pons, medulla oblongata, and cerebellum pg. 98
The PA axial projection demonstrates which sinus groups? frontal and ethmoid pg. 99
The carotid arteries bifurcate at what cervical level? C4 pg. 100
True of False Hemoptysis can occur with gastric ulcer, gastritis, and esophgeal varices. False pg. 101
What type of small bowel obstruction can be caused by infection or postoperative difficulty? paralytic/adynamic ileus pg. 104
Where should the CR enter on a lateral skull projection? 2 inches superior to the EAM pg. 107
True or False Hypersthenic individuals will have high lungs and heart? True pg. 111
For the caldwell projection of the sinuses the OML is elevated how many degrees from horizontal? 15 degrees pg. 112
What term is used to describe an incomplete expansion of a lung or portion of a lung? atelectasis pg. 115
Which bone forms the lower posterior 2/5s of the acetabulum? ischium pg. 117
What is the normal BUN level? 8-25 mg/100mL pg. 118
What carpal is the smallest and most palpable? pisiform pg. 121
Which body system is important for protection and excretion? integumentary pg. 121
The cervical intervertebral foramina lie at what angle to the midsaggital plane? 45 degrees pg. 124
True or False The zygoma is usually involved with a blowout fracture? False pg. 124
What is the greatest single risk factor for breast cancer? gender-female pg. 125
Arthrograms usually are followed by what imaging exam? MRI pg. 128
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