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Psychology Midterm

Color deficiency affects more males than females
Filling in gaps in what our senses tell us is called perceptual interference
What is motion parallax? monocular depth cue that explains why objects appear to move when you move your head from side to side
Specialized receptor cells responsible for night vision are called rods
What are the parts of signal-detection theory? 3 parts motivation, sensitivity, and decision making
What are principles of Gestalt Theory? proximity, similarity, and continuity
You do not consistently feel your clothing on your body because of sensory adaptation
what makes up the CNS brain and spinal cord
What are some characteristics of any stage of sleep? 3 reasons limited physical mobility, rapid eye movement, altered state of consciousness
What happens during a grand mal seizure? uncontrolled electrical activity in one hemisphere of the brain and spreads to the other
LSD is the most potent ____ drug hallucinogenic
regions of the ____ are referred to as lobes cerebral cortex
Besides medication, how could a person suffering tension headache achieve relief? biofeedback
What are the basic parts of a neuron? axon, dendrites, and myelin sheath
Sleepwalking has been linked to fatigue and stress
What hormone is important to males physical development? testosterone
what system sends chemical messages called hormones endocrine
What are the consequences of a spinal cord injury? paralysis, interference with the transmital of messages to the muscles, and to prevent the transmital of messages from the brain
What does nature refer to, in the nature-nurture question? biological make-up
What does an EEG monitor? electrical activity in the brain
What does the autonomic nervous system regulate? involuntary movements
What systems send information to and from the brain? nervous and endocrine
What is thanatology? study of death and dying
What does not fit in this group: menopause, menarche, puberty, and adolescents? menopause
What are the four most prevalent chronic diseases of the elderly? heart disease, hyper tension, arthritis, and diabetes
What can influence patterns of health and disease in old age? eating habits, exercise, health at a young age
Daniel Levinson’s theory focused on adult males
When are young adults at their physical peak? 18-30
Elderly people have a difficult time retrieving information from memory due to decline in the nervous system
What is an androgynous role? male and female roles
What is maturation? internally programmed growth of a child
The concept of adolescent identity categories is associated with james marcia
What is Lawrence Kohlberg’s Stage I of moral development? totally egocentric
What is Lawrence Kohlberg’s Stage VI of moral development? the golden rule
Imprinting is sudden and can take place in less than a day
what is the theory of psychosocial development claims that if a young child is praised for her new abilities she will learn autonomy. erik erikson's
infants ____ imprint on their parents do not
What reflex helps an infant find the mother’s breast? rooting reflex
Find the medium of the following distribution: 65, 78, 78, 81, 84, 92, 96. 81
What is a self-fulfilling prophecy? when researchers unwillingly bring about the situation they expect to find
What is applied science? use of psychological principles to solve immediate problems
What is the cardinal rule for naturalistic observation? avoid disturbing the participants
Participants in an experiment who are exposed to the______ are called the _____ independent variable, experimental
What is the measure of the degree of relatedness between two variables? correlation
What is the mode of the following distribution: 63, 75, 79, 82, 82, 84, 84, 84, 84, 91, 99 84
The variable that experimenters manipulate is called the independent variable
Who was the first modern psychologist? wilhelm wundt
What do psychologists study? everyday behaviors and feelings
What is a theory? complex explanation based on findings from many studies
What is basic science? pursuit of knowledge for its own sake
Created by: hannahpiper
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