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Types of stories

Fiction, bio, poetry, etc.

A book written about the early life of Abraham Lincoln Non-fiction/Biography
A verse like, " roses are red, violets are blue, love me, and I'll love you" Poetry
An essay about someone's experience during the attack on the World Trade Center Non-fiction/ personal essay
A book about a boy who fought in the Civil War Fiction/ historical
A book about dragons and princesses Fiction/fantasy
A book written by Michael Jordan about his basketball career Non-fiction/autobiography
A line like, "with each rap upon the window sill, I could feel my body quake with chill" Poetry
A story about the boy who cried wolf Fiction/ fable
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Fiction/ fantasy
A book about the life of J.K. Rowling Non- fiction/ biography
Junie B. Jones Fiction/realistic
A student's view about the rules at school Non-fiction/personal essay
The Golden Cadillac Fiction/short story
Michelle Obama's book about being the wife of a President Non- fiction/autobiography
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Fiction/ realistic
Created by: wrightpurvis