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PP2 Jeopardy

Prof Prac 2 Jeopardy Review PPT

Involves the attempt to punish an individual for breaking established statutes Criminal Law
This enforces rules & regulations that govern various professions/services Administrative Law
This defines a 90% burden of persuasion in order to successfully punish the defendant in this type of law Beyond a reasonable doubt in criminal law
The greater weight of the evidence; superior evidentiary weight that is sufficient to incline a fair & impartial mind to one side of the issue rather than the other Preponderance of evidence
These must be considered when determining what court a lawsuit should be filed in Venue; Personal Jurisdiction; Court's Subject Matter Jurisdiction
This document defines the laws that govern the practice of PT (scope of practice) in the specified state PT State Practice Act
The State's PT Practice Act statutes must be approved here prior to becoming laws State House of Reps & Senate
This is the current max amount of time that you can treat a pt under direct access w/o a referral from a physician in the state of KS (Assuming all other requirements of DA are met) 30 days
These are the rules of direct access in KS Referral for PT made w/in 1 yr from new onset of rx; For same dx; PT must send eval to MD no later than 5 business days after rx begins; Tx >30 must receive MD approval first
In the state of Kansas, a PT may provide these services without a referral Services that don't constitute rx for specific condition; Dx/injury; Ex: employee education, health prevention programs, special ed students under direction of an IEP
These are considered unintentional torts Negligence & Malpractice
These are types of intentional torts Defamation; Abandonment; Assault; Battery; Sexual Misconduct
This is the act of communication that causes someone to be shamed, ridiculed, held in contempt, lowered in the estimation of the community, or to lose employment status/earnings, or otherwise suffer a damaged reputation Defamation
This is a "mental touching" that causes an individual to think that offensive or harmful touching is going to occur Assault
This is a philosophy that there needs to be change in the civil law system to manage the uncontrolled effects of litigation on the US economy Tort Reform
These 4 elements must be proven in order to be found guilty of medical malpractice Duty; Breach of Duty; Causation; Damages
This is defined as a legal obligation that is owed or due to another & that needs to be satisfied Duty
This type of duty is represented when a PT is expected to report suspected abuse of a patient Affirmative Duty
The "Standard of PT Care" represents this type of duty Legal Duty
These terms define that the prosecutor must prove the defendant's actions produced the effect or result (be specific) Actual & Proximate Causes
This time period in American history was when PT became a profession World War I
This marks one of the greatest hallmarks in PT as it became recognized & independently reimbursed Social Security Act of 1967
This may directly lead to increased litigation in the profession of PT Direct Access
To practice without the constraints from others Autonomous Practice
7 Core Values of Professionalism Accountability; Altruism; Compassion/Caring; Excellence; Integrity; Professional Duty; Social Responsibility
6 Key Elements of APTA Vision 2020 Autonomous Practice; Direct Access; DPT; EBP; Practitioner of Choice; Professionalism
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