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artifact a simple object, such as a tool or decorative object, made or modified by hand, especially a tool or weapon from the past
eradicate to get rid of something completely, especially something bad, such as disease,crime, or poverty
compel to make someone do something by giving him or her orders or by using force
eccentric acting odd or strange, in a harmless or charming way
feeble very weak
docile calm and easy to manage or train
evident clear and obvious
diminutive tiny or very small
apathetic not caring about anything or wanting to do anything
decisive making choices quickly and easily
caper a mischievous trick or prank
component a part of a whole, such as a machine or system
conscientious making sure to do things well and thoroughly
eventual final, or happening at last
dichotomy a division of something into two usually conflicting groups
circumvent to make a circuit around or to manage to get around by clever means
grimace a facial expression usually indicating a negative reaction
casualty someone injured or killed in an accident, a disaster, or a war
grotesque very strange or ugly
cordial warm, friendly, or gracious
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