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Geography Terms Ch4

Chaper 4 Terms

Transmission The passage of shortwave and longwave energy through either the atmosphere or water.
Scattering Deflection and redirection of isolation by atmospheric gases, dust, ice,and water
Refraction The transition subjects in insolation to a change of speed, which also shifts its direction in bending action
Reflection The portion of arriving insolation that is returned directly to space without performing any work
Albedo The reflective quality of a surface expressed as the percentage of reflected insolation to incoming insolation; A function of surface, color, angle of incidence and surface texture.
Cloud Albedo Focusing An increase in albedo caused by clouds
Cloud Greenhouse forcing An increase in greenhouse warming caused by clouds
Global Diming The decline in sunlight reaching the earths surface due to population
Conduction The molecule-to-molecule transfer of heat energy as it diffuses through a substance.
Convection The physical mixing involves a strong vertical motion
Advection when horizontal motion dominates in the physical mixing
Greenhouse effect The rough similarity between the process and way a greenhouse operates
Jet contrails Produce high cirrus clouds stimulated by aircraft exhaust
Microclimatology the science of physical conditions at or near earths surface
Net radiation The balance of all radiation at earths surface
Urban Heat island both max and minimum temperatures higher than those of near by rurel settings
Dust dome Air borne population, which can be blown from the city in elongated plumes
Transparency water is clear and light passes through it to an average depth of 60 m in the ocean
Gulf Stream moves northward off the east coast of North America carrying warm water far into the north America
Specific Heat The heat compacity of a substance
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